now you see it

I’m gonna test out a few layouts in the next few days/weeks to see what I like about these backgrounds. I’ll also mess with the layout and see what I like or don’t like about the layouts. Hopefully I’ll find a nice medium with everything.

No big news here. It’s been a relaxing weekend and I am trying to attempt to put a portfolio together for the grad school. I’ll post a link to the artwork when I finish it. Most all of it will be photos that I have taken in the past few years from my trip to Colorado back in 1998 up to this road trip from July.

I have also readded a link to my road trip photos on the top page so you can visit them as you like.

As you might have recently seen, there is a birthday notice on the right side of my front page. So is your birthday going to be soon? The only way your birthday will show up is for you to register here and enter your birthday upon registering. This allows me to keep track of your birthday and acknowledging it in some form. So sign up now!

why the copyright laws need reform

I have spent time in classes about the business of the music industry and I find how so easily I can reason and understand what this article says. I hope you find it enlightening in some way. Thanks Jonathan!

Hey Mickey, you’re so fine

the controversy . . .

. . . continues

change is good

I have decided to change some of my layout. It was very plain and boring before, but I think this new simplicity will only help the appeal of my site. I need to figure out what to do with my links that I’ve left off, but that’ll come in time.

I am really into the cover art because it totally represents what’s going on with me right now. Windmills. They are a sign of stability no matter the weather that tries to affect it. Even through the winds of change, they continue to serve their purpose and turn to provide for others. In a similar since, I am trying to figure out where my place is. I don’t know where I will end up in a few days, a few weeks or a few months but I am going to continue being there for the rest of the world. There will be lots of new changes in the coming months that I will be weathering through, but I strive to be the windmill and serve my purpose no matter what!

I have lots that I will do with this new layout but it’ll take me some time because I gotta work a real job for a while to earn some money that I lack and need.

Who’s the next music group you should check out? The Polyphonic Spree

Why? Because you’ve heard them over and over on the iPod commercial and you know you’ve wanted to know who they are…

late night art

an image


I spent the past few days settling in to this house, taking care of the dog, and recovering from a sore throat. I spent Wednesday and Thursday moving back and forth, lifting heavy equipment and making myself stressed as ever. So, I am finally on the rebound from this sore throat.

Over the weekend, I set my computer up and decided to reload everything from scratch because it was starting to show many problems. So I recovered the computer from the pits and now it’s running very smoothly! It’s always nice to give my computer a nice, new operating system.

I plan on spending the rest of the week applying to grad school, working, taking care of the dog, and building my portfolio.

Oh, and I saw a great program on Nightline on ABC about Hydrogen Fuel Cells. I like what they had to say except for the fact that it could take half my life to implement these energy sources for vehicles.

Click here to understand fuel cells. The reporter visited an MIT professor about how to find hydrogen for fuel cells. The easiest and most complicated answer was water. Water is otherwise known as H2O where the hydrogen could potentially be separated from the oxygen. The unfortunate thing for fuel cells is that hydrogen and oxygen are extremely bonded to each other as water. So what process in nature can easily separate the hydrogen from oxygen? Leaves. Your common, average leaf from any plant. But how long did it take these leaves to learn how to accomplish this process? 2-4 billion years. How long will my lifetime continue? Who knows! But hopefully another 60 to 80 years!

So the process that must be figured out is how to easily separate hydrogen from oxygen. Anyone??

next stop

I will be dwelling in Pearland for my next stop. Some old family friends of mine are gracious enough to allow me to stay with them. Now I am here with a sore throat and body recovering from two straight days of moving a lot of heavy and bulky stuff.

Man, I was sitting here thinking. I am now in a new place and still looking for a job but relaxing for the weekend. So who can I call around here that’s my age? . . .  I think just about everyone with whom I’m friends is not in Houston or not in Texas. Everyone I knew who was around my age and lived around this area now lives no less than 30 miles or more from where I am. Yikes, I need to make more local friends!

the next big step

Maybe someday soon I’ll figure out what I’m doing. As of right now, I have no idea. Stay tooned (The Simpsons would do).

remember when . . .

. . the Toadies were rockin’ the airwaves?? On the roadtrip, I went through most of Jonathan’s CDs which included a CD of Toadies (Rubberneck). It was probably one of the best CDs ever made. Almost every song on the CD made the charts and are very easy to listen to. I wonder what happened to them?

Did You Know > that the Toadies started in Ft. Worth, Texas?

If you have read past entries and seen them change soon thereafter, it’s because I’m fully aware that my grammar isn’t perfect. So, I reread them to make sure that it’s 80-90% correct. I wasn’t an English major, I made 3 D’s in high school in sophomore honors English therefore I will make more mistakes. Tough times if it annoys you, I’m doing my best.

why windows activation does not work

Rummaging through my daily tech sites like I usually do on a daily basis, I came across this. As I quote the Inquirer, “Microsoft said it would sell Windows XP and Office at a piffling $36 a PC . . . (and) also removed the need for product activation for Windows XP in Thailand, at the government’s request.” Say what?!!

I think it is cheap and two faced for a big corporation like Microsoft to sell its software for such a cheap discount to another country because they (another country) acted like a big baby. Furthermore, why won’t they do this for us? Why should I shell out $150+ for some software that will cost a fraction of the dollar overseas!! It’s time for me to take a business trip to Thailand and get some hookups!

No jobs yet for me. I am waiting to hear from two people over the weekend and through Monday.