I-70 and all its wonders

My drive to and from Utah was awesome. I couldn’t believe how gorgeous I-70 from Denver to Utah is. So much to see on the way. I stopped off in Breckenridge to see the town because I’d never been there and seems like so many people have homes there. It’s a very cute town and I can understand the appeal of having a place there.

I was really lucky to have the best weather between Wed. and Fri. with no rain and hardly any clouds. I can’t imagine trying to drive between Denver and the resorts when the weather is bad. It would take forever!!

So now I have a lab that I’m gonna be late for if I don’t leave now but this is the beginning of the end of the semester for me. I better finish my 3 papers and hopefully get a good product done for my labs. I’ll be back in Houston the week of the 15th.

moving to different web host

In case anyone is reading this, I’m moving my domain to a new web host and server and things might be a tad messy. If no one reads this, it’s like it never happened. Good day to you.

It’s gonna snow this weekend and that means goodbye to this short span of 60 degree weather and hello to freezing temps and bundling up. I can’t wait, and I can wait. I pray that my trip to and from Utah next week don’t cause any wrecks with my car and that I get back in a safe and timely manner!!

individuality and little time left

Have you ever searched online for people with your same name? I was surfing the Yahoo network last night searching the directory of people with profiles and browsed all those Micahs that live out there. It’s pretty amazing to know that there are thousands of Micahs besides me. It’s not really a big issue until it becomes personal. See, I resumed classes last January with a new set of people along with some returning classmates from my first semester. As Professor Pritts began calling out the roll, he read my name (he keeps calling me Me-kah) and then followed it with the other Micah in my class. Yes, not only was there another Micah in not just one but all three of my classes last semester but he again is in two of my classes this semester. It’s almost an identity crisis that I’ve never had to face before. I’m the quiet one out of the two and so I have begun tuning out when people call out my name… Yeah, I can almost completely tune my name out; that’s certainly not good when now I’m half way to being deaf. You never realize how you’re an individual until your counterpart burdens your name. (I mean no disregard towards Micah as I’m sure he’s a great guy)

In other news, Thanksgiving is next week. This means I have 2 full weeks and 1 day of school left before finals. And my finals are both on Tuesday, Dec. 10th. I have 3-4 projects to work on, 3 papers to write and 2 notebooks to type up and turn in. So much to do in so little time. I believe I’ll be taking some homework with me to Thanksgiving if I’m able. Otherwise, it’s great that I’m not flying back to Texas because that’d be x amount of time that I’d have no choice but to spend. Now I can choose to drive back early to work on more assignments. God be with me through all of this.

busy week and less sleep

Well, it’s basically the last 3 weeks of school upon me and I have a million or more things to do. I don’t feel confident about where I’m going to end up grade wise, but as long as I get most or all of it done in a timely and organized manner, I guess that’ll be okay. And I hope I can figure out a way to continue getting a good night’s rest. I have three 4 hour studio sessions this week alone so it’s gonna be a madhouse for me.

I can’t believe it’s already Thanksgiving time. And soon it’ll be Christmas. I know that when Christmas arrives I’ll need the break as much as anyone. During my coming holidays, I’ll be driving to Moab Utah, Lubbock/Houston, and hopefully Nashville from GA. So it’ll be a busy holiday season trying to visit everyone and having fun and driving.

Does anyone wanna fly with me to Los Angeles next spring? Or help me find a place to stay? I’m gonna visit a studio or two for some job prospectives so I need help with room and board.

I won a new CPU

Sometimes, even a fool can win. Last Friday night, I went to Wings of the Rockies here in Denver for an event sponsored by AMD, a company that makes processor chips for computers. They were sponsoring this event to attract people to use their processors. Duh. ;) So I don’t know if the stars were aligned or what, but I won a new AMD XP2400+ cpu, which in other terms runs at 2GHz. I will be upgrading my processor speed from 1.4GHz to 2GHz. That’s a great, free upgrade for me.

When they called my name, I was one of 5 contestants trying out for a $2500 prize that I was too slow to win. It was a jeopardy style game that was quickly prepped and quick to play. I could have gotten at least 3 questions right but my mind wasn’t thinking. Oh well, just for being up there I won that processor! Good enough for me.

For me, the more interesting part of the evening was talking to one of the crew there. He was from Orange County, worked for a contracting company of builders. So he was driving around with a few other people in a few trucks and vans building and taking down stages. He gets paid to travel to Denver, Chicago, Minneapolis, Seattle, San Francisco, and other places along the west coast. Paid to do this!! What do I see it as? A paid for roadtrip across America to see different cities (somewhat) and have fun along the way. What a cool job. Someday after Jonathan gets back from the army, we’re taking a cross country road trip to the Western half of the US. It was planned for next summer but looks to be delayed because he’s been reassigned to work for another year and a half, dangit!

And it’s now almost the middle of November. I have exactly one month to accomplish at least 4 recording projects, all which I haven’t started yet. I have 2 finals, 3 papers, and lots of studying to do. It’s gonna be a tough last month for me. I hope I survive alright. So much to do, so little studio time available for me.

micah the producer, skeeter the works of art

I attended the first day and a half of Eddie Kramer’s visit here to CU-Denver and watched all his pre-production work to recording the band. I didn’t get the actual exposure to him recording the band because I was getting too restless to stay. I should have made another trip up there today but was overwhelmingly tired all day long. I guess I have been trying to catch up on sleep from this last week.

I found my exposure to his techniques priceless. He gave all his advice on microphones and micing techniques, which is probably where I needed most help. I could have used his post production work, where he tweaks the music to make it sound better. I figure that it’d be good to develop that on my own as well.

What I mainly got to see is Eddie Kramer the producer. He took a few hours on Thursday talking to the band and rearranging the song he recorded. I felt myself making many mental notes about what the band was doing and at times I felt as though Eddie was reading my mind. I almost wanted to start talking to the band myself and giving suggestions; I could feel the producer in me very alive but listening to Eddie produce was definitely a great learning experience. I must leave this ego behind if I get a real job as an intern or second engineer or I’ll be fired right away.

On a sad note, Skeeter was put down yesterday at 5:30pm. He had a long life, almost 15 years of getting into trouble. He ran away at least 3 times that I can remember, one where we pretty much thought he was gone. It’ll be weird to go home and see him not there limping around as usual, but I’m glad that he’s gone on to a better place. He was just getting more blind and deaf as the days passed. He had a good life, being well fed and treated well. BAD DOG!

i didn’t vote

I didn’t vote. I haven’t voted since 2000. I am in Denver and thus

1) forgot to register

2) didn’t really care.

I would care more if I were actually living in my registered voting area, but the absentee balloting didn’t really occur to me at anytime because i’d rather concentrate on school and watching movies. I do, however, think it’s really interesting how the Republicans came up with such a big victory. I’m not really political, probably lean more towards the republican side of things since that’s how I grew up, but I’d consider myself Independent. If there’s anything to say about this republican control, it’d be that these next 2 years are vital for the role of Republicans in the future. We are a nation on the edge of another war, in the middle of an economic slump, and on alert for terrorism at all hours. It’s a sad state of affairs for our nation, but this Republican control will have a much more extreme effect than the split congress. So I’ll probably keep up with more politics just to see what happens. That still doesn’t mean I’m interested in politics but rather in the effect of this new control.

On other notes, Eddie Kramer is here in Denver for the next three days. He is probably most famous for his production of Jimi Hendrix’s work, but he also worked with Led Zeppelin, Kiss, John Mayall, The Rolling Stones, Peter Frampton, Joe Cocker, Curtis Mayfield, Santana, David Bowie, Derek and The Dominoes and others. He’s going to conduct a question/answer session this morning followed by setup for a band. He will record a select band’s song for in the span of these 3 days for us, the students, to observe what he does. I am looking forward to this because I know I’m going to learn more than I can handle for my brain.

sore legs

Such a fun weekend!! And my legs are so sore! When I got to the main spot where everything was, I decided to walk everywhere I could. I took pictures of all the main buildings so I had to walk to each of them. WELL, it takes about 45 minutes to walk from the Lincoln Memorial to the Capital. It’s a long walk and I didn’t realize it took so long!

I stayed with my friend Lois in Baltimore who has a really awesome apartment in Little Italy right by downtown. So she’s in walking distance of everything. It’s really awesome. The Baltimore Harbor is a very cool place to be.

The next night I went to Richmond to visit Teri! Unfortunately it was nighttime but I could tell it was very comfortable, very similar to Austin. It deserves another trip but probably not too soon because of money and other priorities.

There is plenty more I could write but I’d rather keep it short for now because I gotta leave for school now. Maybe I’ll write more later.