i’m Micah Cambre
i build the web. resume.

I specialize in responsive, inclusive user interfaces using semantic HTML, modern CSS and component-based Javascript. I incorporate thoughtful user experiences with the following principles: accessibility, progressive enhancement, SEO and fast performance. I enjoy working closely with designers to create systematic, component based designs, develop pattern libraries, and produce style guides. I am regularly working to improve my knowledge and experience with front-end and the full-stack.

Enjoy this list of some projects I’ve worked on

  • Refactored from ACF based data model to a headless WordPress and Gutenberg. Design systems and pattern libraries.

    • WordPress
    • Twig
    • Stylus
    • React
    • Next.JS
    • Gutenberg
    • StoryBook
    • TypeScript
  • Grief Support Guide

    Logged in Dashboard for user profiles, notes, and memories

    • React
    • Sass
    • JS
    • Micro CRUD App
    • APIs
  • IU Health

    Health related coding updates to improve location searches

    • React
    • Sass
    • JS
    • Craft CMS
    • APIs
  • liveworldLiveworld

    Featured a custom, responsive carousel using animations

    • HTML
    • Sass
    • RWD
    • CSS animations
    • jQuery
  • Project Management Advisors

    Advanced static layout with JS animations and semantic markup

    • HTML
    • Sass
    • CSS animations
    • jQuery
  • full image post on index page
    Case Study: asuh.com

    Minimalism on a modern tech stack

    • HTML
    • Sass
    • Laravel
    • WordPress
    • ES6+
    • CSS Grid and Custom Properties
  • timeMedatime

    Gatsby based project with state driven UI

    • React
    • Redux
    • Hooks
    • GraphQL
  • Github projects

    Systems, starters, and more

    • Starter theme
    • Computer setup
    • FOSS

I worked with companies small and large, from shops to enterprises. Both client work and company product sites. Across industries such as financial, real estate, religious, communications, data monitoring, entertainment, medical and more. I briefly worked with a partner on a startup product.

  • Farmers Insurance
  • AARP
  • Mattel
  • Bank of America
  • Schwab
  • Roland
  • Dimensional Fund Advisors
  • 1105 Media
  • Fancifull Gift Baskets
  • MB Solutions
  • Clear Lake Family Physicians
  • Dr. Armen Hekmati
  • Ajado Agency
  • MyShape
  • Rapp LA
  • Kern Agency
  • Usman Group
  • Alpha Solutions US
  • Circonus
  • NWF Advisors
  • Biteable

Technical Writing Samples