asuh – apprx. born in the year 1991

Pronunciation: uh-suh

Function: adjective, adverb, interjection

Many years ago, I attended Webster Intermediate School in Webster, Texas. Not long after seventh grade began, a new kid named Damian was assigned to my homeroom class. Damian also played the trumpet in the top band with me. This was the bond that a friendship was forged.

One day in history class, Damian’s teacher was giving his usual lesson when he accidentally slurred a few words. Within this slur, Damian heard the word asuh. Who knows why that silly slur stuck with him, but the inevitability of hearing this word was completed.

During lunch, Damian said the word as a response to something I said. I had no idea what he was saying, but after hearing it and eventually understanding, I was instantly hooked. From that point on we began religiously using asuh in our linguistic expressions.

Asuh doesn’t really mean anything. It’s best described as a response. Someone says something such as “Did you see his shorts? They’re shorter than your grandma’s attention span.” With the response “asuh“, you telling him or her something along the lines of “whatever” or “if you say so”.

This word was mostly retired from my immediate spoken tongue at around 1994. Since that time, I kept it in my language as a nickname of sorts. My AIM name was asuh, my letter jacket in high school had the tagline asuh on it, and I registered the website before I was able to claim in summer 2002. I monitored this domain name for probably 5 years before it was finally free for purchase.

Sometime in the future, I shall probably use this word again for a company name or something else I enjoy. As long as I’m making enough money I’m going to keep this domain name for my personal use. I currently use it to keep family and friends updated on the life I live, my thoughts, my opinions, and my interests. As I included in my description for the website in my headers, is “moments of my life in my own words; a second home to express myself for others to view.” is here for you. You are always welcome back!