time off to relax

So what have I done since I’ve been to Houston? Nothing! It’s been great. I actually have just played video games, played on the Internet, and hanged with friends. It’s well deserved after how hard I worked the last month of school. And this next semester will be much of the same!

Two things I need to before I get back to Denver are earn money and try to work on Pro Tools|HD. Or just learn something new about audio.

This Sunday shall be fun as I’m going to church and playing the piano for Andrew. Same song as three weeks ago! It’ll sound really awesome again.

I just purchased Metriod Prime for the GameCube and I can’t believe how fun it is. If you were a fan of the original Metroid for Nintendo, you’ll be blown away at this new version in the ongoing saga of Samus Aran. I assumed that it would be just like everything else that’s first person, like Doom, Unreal, etc. But this game really continues everything you knew from the previous Metriod games, even in first person mode. The graphics are simply unreal. I am looking forward to many more hours going through the game.

And finally, I type all these entries and I have no idea if anyone ever reads them. If so, leave a comment. I’ll be surprised to get more than two people to leave a comment.

it came so fast!

Merry Christmas!!


Well, I’ve been ignoring it for a few days, possibly the last week. But I think I’m officially sick. Sniffling and blowing my nose as though it were a faucet. I don’t feel too bad, just sick of blowing my nose.

This weekend I went to Dallas on Friday night and back to Houston on Saturday. The weekend wasn’t all that great but it’s okay for one reason. On Friday night, the whole computer giveaway should have been called Geeks Over Texas because it was about 700 or more geeks in one room waiting to win the biggest and bestest computer stuff. I didn’t win anything as expected. So on Sunday as I was on my way home, I was driving down Central Expressway and heard about Nichole Nordeman signing CDs at the Family Christian Bookstore. So I rushed over there and was the last one to get her CDs signed!! And, there’s a good chance she’ll remember me because she’s from Colorado Springs. It made my Saturday.

I didn’t get much sleep yesterday but went to lunch with Russell Martin. He’s got some great ideas for music recording and I might get him up to Colorado at some point. Pretty cool stuff. So after seeing Lord of the Rings with Russell, I came back home and we rented Final Destination. Not too much of a day.

Christmas in two days!

so tired

I got my car checked up at the Saturn dealership and came home around 5pm only to sleep for about 3 hours. I was extremely tired because I’ve been on the go for so long. I guess I just needed it. Now my throat is dry and I feel so blah. Hopefully a nice Chicago Dish pizza from Pizza Hut will boost my spirits.

I’m again going to Dallas this weekend to attend two events where I could win some cool prizes like any part of a computer or money. Details here:
AMD Reality Check
Should be fun and I hope I win big.

My room is a big mess. My website should be updated now that I have lots of time off. Merry Christmas.

wanna cookie?

I dunna wanna rite nuthin’ now. To daies un-til Heeyustun.

an unexpected stop

On my way to Lubbock today, I was forced to make an unexpected stop in New Mexico just outside of Clayton. Between Raton and Clayton, I decided to drive like a bat out of hell. I reached 106 and could have pushed higher but decided not to. Probably a good thing.

Just about 2 miles from Clayton, a state cop caught me going what he originally said was 87 in a 65. So I met him halfway with my license and insurance and was sure he was gonna write a ticket. And he did. I was sitting in the car just hoping he wouldn’t write it but it took him 10 minutes, all of which I had to wait. Come on, it’s Christmas. So, he called me back to his car. By that time, I was not too happy and acted upset. Not to the point that I wasn’t polite or anything. I just didn’t want or need to pay that ticket.

He first told me that he brought my speed down to 80 (he then said he caught me going 90) so I could pay $80 less. Great… But I then asked him if I could say something in my defense. I told him that people were passing up the whole time I was driving, that I was trying to stay with the speed of the traffic not to be a hazard to anyone on the road. The car behind me was keeping up with my speed as well; otherwise he would have passed me up.

So the officer, already having asked me where I was from, said he was from South New Mexico where he was on his way. He asked what I wanted to do about the ticket. I told him to SHOVE IT and took that ticket, tore it up, made hi. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .NOT. I told him that I’d call into the court to take care of it rather than send $68 to plead guilty. This means he’d probably have to make an appearance in court. He thought about it for a few seconds, and finally told me that this was a warning because he didn’t want to drive back up there just for that!!!

I thanked him and walked back to my car not realizing what he’d done. I would have gone up and hugged him if I realized it was just a warning and nothing further had to be done. So basically, that whole incident was just a little inconvenience rather than a $200 ticket. And so, I continued into Clayton to buy myself a nice medium Blizzard.

Lesson to learn? Don’t think you’re invincible with your speed; rather be smart and pay attention to what’s ahead. That’ll be the last time I’ll go over 100 . . . . . . . . . this year.


done and done

NO MORE FINALS, NO MORE STUDYING, NO MORE ANYTHING. For one month anything! Limited Time offer!! Act now or you’ll lose your chance!

So I took my finals. Did I do well? I hope so. I can’t say because I didn’t study too hard. I wish I had studied more but I was too concerned with playing the piano for the Christmas Annex last night. It went really well and I’m glad I had a nice vocalist named Tyler singing. We played the song “O Come, O Come Emmanuel” arranged by Steven Curtis Chapman. Last time I played it in public was with Andrew at the church a few years ago. Maybe I’ll play in Friendswood with Andrew again… or my new church? Hmm…

I’m ready to get back to Texas for the month because there’s so much that I have to look forward to. I hope everything works out because I have much ambition. Speaking of which, I get to see the sound system at First Pres. This’ll be my first of a few pitches to get this live worship CD recording for my senior project. It’s gonna be freakin’ huge! I am totally excited at the possibility and can’t wait.

Bed is calling me.

where does time go?

I was watching Saturday Night Live tonight when I started thinking about a thought I had about 3 weeks ago. It was the night of November 16th and I saw that a new episode of SNL wasn’t appearing again until December 7th. I remember thinking how it was 3 weeks… such a long time but it’d be here before I knew. And now it’s gone. I thought about that thought tonight and realized how quickly it passed. I couldn’t believe it.

In fact, I remember on one specific occasion in 1989 thinking that the year 1995 would be here in no time. Over the next 6 years, I remembered thinking that thought knowing it was gonna be sooner and sooner. I couldn’t believe that 1995 came so fast but it wasn’t as fast as 2002 has arrived in the past few years.

Now it’s been 7 years since 1995 and I can’t believe it’s been 23 years that I’ve been alive. I can vividly remember thinking little childish thoughts like the one I just described because I did a lot of that kind of thing. I could sit here right now and think to myself “Gosh, 2007 is over 4 years away” but it isn’t as significant as my thought that 1995 was a few years away from 1989.

Does this make sense? It does to me.

So I download a few songs from Kazaa tonight from Nichole Nordeman. I hadn’t really listened to her before but she’s amazing. I can’t believe how good she is in her compositions. I might ask a friend of mine at UCF to perform the song “Every Season” next semester because it’s an awesome song musically. Who knows, maybe before then.

4 days and counting

Finals on Tuesday and then Christmas!!! Just a few papers to finish and projects to do. Shan’t be fun but as long as I pass and make good grades, that’s what matters.

I got new professional Sony MDR-7506 headphones recently and they are freakin’ awesome. Only paid $64 for them because of a crack in the head part so I’m all over them. Clear, loud sound. If nothing else, the bass is a little quiet than I’m used to but overall very happy with my purchase at such a bargain price.

10 days ’til liftoff

I have 10 days left of being here in Denver. What am I going to be doing between now and then?

1. finish 3 papers (one of which is only 2 pages long and should be 10)
2. finish a recording project for my seminar class
3. finish a recording project for my audio sweetening class
4. go to my internship last semester and get a few examples of what I did
5. study for finals
6. take 2 finals
7. practice my piano for a performance a week from tuesday
8. 1 more worship service
9. pack and get ready for driving down to Texas for the winter

I haven’t even started worrying about buying Christmas presents either. Yeesh. Anyone want to get paid to do any of this?

On a different note, when I was driving back to Denver a few days ago, I went by Glenwood Springs. What I’d never seen before but looked so awesome was a hot springs park open for the public to have fun in. I’d never seen a waterpark open during the winter, but that park looked so tempting! Maybe someday…