project CD in full force

It’s official. I shall be recording my first full length worship album. Do I really understand what I’m getting myself into? Absolutely… not. I do but I’m not really knowing what to expect as it gets closer.

I had a very intense meeting with the worship team last night after the service. That’s twelve people including myself that met to talk about our ideas for the worship service. It sounds like we’re all very excited about what’s to come but the burden mostly lies on my shoulders because of my ambition. I hope that I don’t go crazy making this sound absolutely, insanely wonderful. I need to get some help in recording because there’s so much that I’ll have to do.

I also talked to the church’s engineer Les Kahn, who won a Grammy for Paul Winter’s Spanish Angel album which was recorded in 1992. He’s very willing to help me get what I need from this recording but he also talked my ambition down to a real goal. His suggestion, very well noted I might say, was to keep everything down to 24 tracks. I originally thought, “heck, as many as I can get my hands on…” but the reality is I don’t have 3 months to mix and perfect this project. Being that it’ll be a live album, I won’t need to make it tip top perfection etc, etc. But I’m very much looking forward to what’s ahead. I, Micah, will be producing and engineering a whole album and I’m still just a student. Who could ask for more?!! lol

And you know what? This is really something that might change me in one way or another. For a little while now, I’ve thought about what would happen when I met an old friend from high school or run into someone I hadn’t seen in a while. What would I have to mention to these people normally? Nothing too special. But by the end of the semester, I’ll hopefully be able to say “I’m proud to say I have produced and engineered my own CD”. Who at the age of 23 can say something like that? I’d imagine a very small majority.

So for a guy that’s so busy, what do I do on MWFSat and Sun during my free time? Absolutely nothing usually. I’ll occasionally work on my church’s website, my personal website, i’ll look for deals online. But I love being able to relax. Soon these days will be over so I need to take advantage of my time.

I saw Donnie Darko tonight. What a strange, deep movie.

Mad World

Gary Jules

All around me are familiar faces,
worn out places, worn out faces,
Bright and early for their daily races,
going nowhere, going nowhere,
And their tears are filling up their glasses,
no expression, no expression,
Hide my head, I want to drown my sorrow,
no tomorrow, no tomorrow.

And I find it kind of funny,
I find it kind of sad,
The dreams in which I’m dying
are the best I’ve every had.
I find it hard to tell you,
cause I find it hard to take,
when people run in circles,
it’s a very, very
Mad World

Children waiting for the day they feel good,
Happy birthday, happy birthday,
Made to feel the way that every child should
sit and listen, sit and listen.
Went to school and I was very nervous,
No one knew me, no one knew me,
Hello teacher, tell me what’s my lesson,
look right through me, look right through me

I don’t know what it is about this song but it really speaks to me. The way he plays the extremely simple piano with the flowing lyrics is extremely effective with this piece. If you recognize it, you either have seen Donnie Darko or Smallville this past Tuesday.

smile, you’re arrested!

Here’s an amusing story for you…

Smile for the cops

new website

I have been playing with a new portal for my website. It’s really cool and I’m learning a whole lot. I hope to tweak it to the point where I’ll use it as my front page. What do you think? Go to the portal site and give your vote. It’ll be in development for a while until I’m satisfied. There’s so many things I can do with it as well so it’ll be exciting!! Just as well, I need to make sure I mention that the community forum is working! Go register today and hopefully it won’t get erased like last time.

First day of school for me was today and it looks like I’m going to learn a lot of really awesome things this semester. I’m really looking forward to most of the material we’ll be discussing in class. It’s funny that I say that since just 4 years ago I don’t know if I’d be saying the same thing. In fact, what was going on 4 years ago this month? I enrolled at UH and San Jac for a semester taking histories, political science and communication theory with the professor from hell! Man, so glad that I’m past that time. So many bad memories, emotions.

So back to good news, I’m going to go eat, relax and watch some TV tonight. Best thing to do after being stressed. The reason I got stressed was there was a big problem with an amp that I bought over Christmas. It wasn’t working well at all and finally seemed to poop out. So trying to figure out how to make everything work under no time was definitely a stressful task. It all came to be, but yikes. So now I’m on to chillin’ for the rest until I go to sleep!

back in the swing

In just two days, I’ll be back in the swing of things. One holiday of rest and then school and projects and tests and assignments and yikes! I’m off to Boulder in just a few minutes for rehersal. My website shall be updated soon as well. Shoot me already!


I need to design some of this website better. I have a better idea of what I’m going to do but need to work out the coding kinks. I want to have some pictures up and I need to recreate a bulletin board. I also am doing this with the church website. Submit ideas if you have any.


Here it is my last day in Texas and I can’t believe how quickly it flew by. I had over a month break for Christmas and it’s over. What the heck?

It looks like I just missed snow in Nashville because I got back on Wednesday and it snows really hard on Thursday morning! Thank God because I’ll have to put up with it a lot in Denver. I’m not against snow at all, I can’t wait to have some more. I just hope it doesn’t hinder the fact that I go to Boulder all the time. I have way too much going on for the snow to be a factor in not getting to Boulder in time.

And it’s my last semester. Thank God for that. I’ll finally be able to call myself “smart”. lol riiiiiight. I don’t care how many papers I have that are named degrees, I’ll never feel that smart. I just hope I keep getting more intelligent in one way or another. I’ll share more thoughts on the last semster later.

Time to continue packing!

studios and Country Music

Nashville is such a comfortable city. If you’re looking for friendly people, a nice down home country feel to a city, then you probably should look at Nashville. I could imagine that in the spring through end of fall it’s gorgeous here. It’s not too bad in the winter either. What I’ve been amazed at is driving along in the city and feeling like I’m in the country; houses actually have yards!! And everything you wanna do is in Nashville so you definitely wouldn’t get bored.

I’ve visited a few studios and talked to the coordinating engineers that worked at each. I can see that if I wanted to get my start, this could easily be a great place to do it. But on the other hand, I’m just not sure if it’s where I want to be. I know where my passion is with music and it’s not really country music. This city is mainly country and christian music and the latter is what I’ve been into for a little while. But I’m still more interested in visiting LA to see about the music industry in relation with the movie industry. I think LA will also have more opportunity than Nashville does right now. If I were to start here, I’d be paid almost nothing to nothing for the first few months I work here, building my experience and job in the process. I’m not too excited about the prospect of trying to “climb” the ladder either but that seems to be life after any engineer after graduation. It’s the same in LA as well, but I’m looking for a brighter opportunity than starting at nothing. Ask for more details.

I’m pretty much ready to get back up to Denver and finish school. It’ll be extremely busy with the worship CD lingering in the background for the next 4 months. I’m totally pumped and ready to get it going with that project! I just hope everything involved with the project works out in good time.

Today I’m in Nashville, Thursday I’ll be in Houston, Friday I’ll be in Lubbock, and Saturday I’ll be in Denver. So much traveling in so little time. What a life to live, I’ll tell you what! (Gotta be Texan every now and then . . .)

exciting year ahead

I sit here and think to myself, “What’s in store for me?”. I have no idea where I’ll end up in just a few months. My plans for the semester consist of producing/engineering a CD, visiting LA for a week, graduating, and skiing at least once. My summer plans are playing in a wedding and taking a nice 6 week roadtrip with Jonathan. Other than that? I have no idea.

I’m a little intimidated about where I’ll end up. In one day I’ll be off to Nashville to interview with one studio south of Nashville called Dark Horse Recording Studios. I am then off to Los Angeles for a week to visit a few studios, composers and engineers. I have to find a place to stay soon but I’m sure that’ll work out.

I then graduate. I could be living anywhere I want come September. Anywhere. If I wanted to move to New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas, Austin… it doesn’t matter really; just as long as I find a job. That’s the exciting part of this all. It’s the “getting on my with life” and finding a job part that scares me.



Yikes, it’s already the 3rd of January in the new year. I’m amazed how quickly this holiday vacation has already passed. In just a matter of two weeks I’ll be well on my way back to school.

I spent the evening and night with Teri and her family and friends for their New Year’s Eve party. Russell came along for my “homie support” so I wouldn’t be the only younger male. We played games, sang and watched the ball drop. Supposedly, this year was different than the last few years because of the sharp drop of younger folk like myself. Nevertheless, it was a good time and was glad to get to know the Bilhartz’s.

I don’t know what’s the matter but for the past week or so I’ve been awake since at least 2am; 4am was my departure time for REM the past few nights. It’s gonna be difficult to get back into a normal sleeping pattern for school; however I’m so spoiled with getting to sleep in so late, and I love it!

So like I said, I have a few more weeks to spend in the Bayou City and I feel like I’ve done so much so far but still have so much to do in the meantime. It’s gonna be a busy few more days before I leave for Nashville to visit some studios. I then get back and leave hopefully no more than 24 hours later.