Uncle Micah

Guess who just became an uncle? . . . . . . . Give up? . . . . . Geez, you’re taking forever to give your answer . . . . oh wait, I can’t hear you anyway!

Yup, I’m an uncle. I became an uncle today at 3:58pm. I wasn’t there for the birth but made it up there a few hours later. I saw Jennifer about an hour after her c-section. (They had to, this was a planned birth for medical reasons). I then made my way up to the nursery on the 5th floor where I got my first glimpse of baby Alec. I couldn’t believe that kid was inside of Jennifer!! He’s freakin’ huge.

It’s weird thinking about seeing Jennifer yesterday with the baby in her and now she’s free! haha, well, that’s definitely one perspective . . .

Now that I’m an uncle, I am old. Not old in age, but old because I have a nephew. Old because most of my friends have 9-5 (or 7-5) jobs now. And I’m young because I haven’t had my first real job and I’m 8 months out of college.

I have designed a little webpage with a couple of pics of Alec Cambre for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

protect your privacy

I don’t really care about the primaries. I don’t care about the people running. I’ve not heard a word about any of these people involved that has impressed me. But, I have heard and read some extremely disturbing news about Howard Dean.

Charlie Brown, the outkast

I keep putting off blogging because I’m lazy. I wanna get my new site up but haven’t been able to make time because of building a new computer (3GHz now!) and work. So, here’s a wonderful little video that’ll keep you wanting more.

Hey Ya, Charlie Brown

mirrored site – Looks like the other one went down. Right click this file and save as.

EDIT 2/6 Looks like it’s totally gone. I’m sure if you search the net it’ll turn up somewhere. Good luck.

looking for a person or date in H-County?

This might be a really great post, a really sad post, or a really mean post depending on who knows what about this site. I can’t believe I found this. It is from more of my Internet rummaging.

This link, listing births, deaths, divorces and marriages, contains just about everything that happened since the 60s or 70s. It’s interesting to look through especially if you have family that is from the area or have lived here for quite a while. I even found some of my friends’ marriages a few years ago!

EDIT: I actually realized that there’s waaaaay more to this picture. Harris county is only one county out of EVERY county in the country listed on this website of statistics. If you have the google toolbar on your Internet Explorer (ha, assuming everyone who reads this uses IE…sorry Andrea), click on the Up button (yellow folder with a green arrow pointing up) and you’ll reach this page listing all of the states so that you’re able to go to any county in any state to see any data that’s available if you know where to find it.

So much public information online that it’s scary, but enough to intrigue me so that I post it on here.


Arg. The site was down again. How frustrating.

design fiend

No news is good news, right? It was a slow week. Mostly web designing, getting to see a few friends before they left for college, and relaxing since I am able.

I am currently working on three web pages for three different people, myself included. I don’t want to release the addresses to these sites yet but if you think you have a really good eye for design and want to see what I’m doing, please e-mail me and I’ll give you something to see.

I went to see Big Fish this weekend. What a wonderful movie. It was not too sappy, not too chick flickish, just a nice mix for a warm story. Yeah, it got pretty soft at the end, but I overall enjoyed it. It’s a definite go see movie and buy when it comes out on DVD (that is if you are into collecting movies… too expensive for me right now). My main reason for liking the movie so much (probably different from most people) was the music. It was original compositions from Danny Elfman, who most famously wrote the theme for Batman, Edward Scissorhands, as well as The Simpsons! I love seeing good movies, but when the music is just as good it makes up for other lacks.

I hope to roll-out the new website in a week or so if I can finish everything that soon. It’ll be a work in progress for a little while but I think it’ll be a nice change from what I have now. I’m keeping some familiarities but adding a lot more features!

drunk humor

I’m sure many people have already seen this but I haven’t posted it for the rest. It’s basically how drunk people act after way too many drinks, though I wouldn’t be familiar with that kind of behavior since I’m not an alcoholic.

Don’t drink too much of this’ll be you!

new PCs to change!!

Not only can I not afford to be purchasing a new computer, I think it’s a wonderful idea for me to spend virtually nothing on a new PC this year for many reasons. The Inquirer, a website devoted to news and coverage of the Information Technology world, has printed this article about new technologies coming to PCs near you. Supposedly, this year is going to bring about the most changes to the modern PC than in the last few years.

If you must buy a new PC, I’d recommend you buy extremely cheap right now and wait for these new features to become standards on PCs before upgrading. It might be a couple of years before many of the new features are a nice consumer price but I think for many of you it would be worth the wait.


It’s been a while since I’ve browsed these jokes websites but I found some gold when it comes to hilarity! Check out the following:

Angry Guy Spam
Blunder Cats
Mario Splat
and if you haven’t seen it already, The Smurfs

****Very explicit language****

eBaum’s World

bush in 30 seconds

Politics just aren’t my thing. I’ve never really understood politics and I don’t always try to pretend I understand how the government works and if politicians know what they’re doing.

So, in light of my apathy towards politics… Here’s some fun 30 second videos that are enlightening, funny at times and sad at others. I’m not advocating any side but always try to understand the crap that happens.

Bush in 30 seconds

edit: By the way, after viewing these videos, don’t believe every comment made. Not all of these videos are displaying the whole truth, but rather versions of a truth.