Work photos

Often this summer, going to work at the park was a drag. I really didn’t want to be there; I was really hoping that something new would come along and take my interest. Nothing against the job at Six Flags, but I’d much rather be doing something constructive with my life. And getting paid better.

Yet, there were plenty of good times and good memories that I have made. Thus, I decided to bring my camera for the last whole week of regular work at the Batman show. And so, I now present my gallery for a few of the photos I took. I have about 200 or more but edited down to the best 43 that I thought were somewhat appropriate. I’ll admit that if I decide to go back up there and take more photos I’ll add them to this gallery.

Now go forth, my friends, and tell all of the people of my story.

Enjoy just a little of what I did all summer. If you would like a copy of the original photos that I took, there are about 150 more of them, feel free to give me a CD and I’ll burn you whatever you want.

workin’ it in Hollywood

Today we finish our last day during the week as the Batman weekday crew. I’ve brought my camera for the past week and have taken probably around 200+ photos of a lot of things, so I’ll take the best ones and post them up. Hopefully not more than around 50 or so, but we’ll see. In fact, I think I’m going to re-edit my Boston/NYC photos down because there are a lot of similar photos that really don’t mean too much, they’re just generic similarities of everything else. And then maybe I’ll actually get back to other photos and upload more. That’d be nice.

This week also marks the first full week I’ve been at my internship (although a full week has only been 3 days). All I’ve really been doing is logging the soundtracks into iTunes and importing them into a terrabyte HD external setup for backup/convenience. While I complete these tasks, I am free to listen to any soundtrack music I want for the whole time that I am doing this. It’s great!

The rooms I’ve worked in allow me to see the Hollywood sign when I turn and look out the east side windows. The room I work in most of the time is the open, general room and it’s a corner room surrounded by windows on the walls. It’s nice and open so I can see as much of LA as the height of this room will allow. Today is a very foggy day, visibility is very reduced because of it. Although you could say the same about half the smoggy days. Then again, I bet this is 50/50 smog/fog. Anyway, when I drove to work today I almost thought I was gonna drive through rain. Which, that in itself would have been amazing. It hasn’t rained here since March 1.

I have updated some of my links by adding a few more personal sites and misc links. Particularly, a high school friend of mine is Brad is stationed in Iraq. His environment and condition of living seem to change on a daily or weekly basis, depending on what’s going on. It’s an interesting read knowing that there are thousands of people (Americans, Iraqis and others) living through similar, possibly better or worse, situations out there. I don’t believe I’d enjoy being out there but I respect all of the soldiers giving their time and lives to help out the innocent people in Iraq trying to start over in a free society.


This is for Dawn at CLFP. I’m going to send you a postcard, I promise. I just haven’t been able to make time. Or maybe I haven’t been motivated. Either way, someday soon you will receive a cool postcard, hopefully homemade!

Do y’all miss me? :o)

fun with big wheels

Sometimes, when you’re hanging out with a friend, it all just falls into place. Saturday was just one of those days. I hadn’t hung out with Charles in a long time, probably since the beginning of summer. I called him up earlier in the week to see if he wanted to get together on Saturday so we made plans to chill. It was nice to catch up with him and we had a great time.

Charles is from Houston just like I am and I met him through another mutual friend from Texas. We both were brought up in the Methodist church in the Texas Conference so we know many people in common. So it’s nice to hang out with another Texan especially since he knows people I know!

We ate dinner at a restaurant called Souplantation. It’s very similar to Sweet Tomato (same company) or Souper Salad for those of you in Texas.

After we left the restaurant, we intended on going to see a movie. However, something caught our eyes.

One HUGE bus, don't you think?

I believe we all know what the word HICK means. This, my friends, was HICK! But after we both saw it, we knew it had to happen. It cost $5 to ride and was worth every penny. Charles has a very contagious laugh, and the more this bus drove around the little section of that parking lot, the louder his laughs got. By the end of the ride, we were both just cracking up because it was so funny!

That bus was “tricked out” with black lights, little artwork on the ceiling and everything. The wheels were taller than both of us… Ah, the random things in life make it worth living sometimes.

Click on the link to see a few photos of that monster truck superbus.

this and that

Too much time on my hands and not enough to do! Don’t we all wish that were the case? It has felt like it this week as I’m trying to prepare myself for a difficult next few months trying to figure a lot of things out.

Is timing everything? Sometimes it seems that way. In fact, I’d love to think of a situation where timing isn’t the main factor…

Sometimes you have to sacrifice a lot of your life in order to get something you really want. Sometimes you have to learn a difficult lesson of this sacrifice. I hope my sacrifices aren’t made in vain. I also hope that I come out on top before I am not able to make it up.

Life isn’t fair. It never has been. But sometimes it gives you a big slap in the face and that makes you cry.

I saw Shrek 2 and The Notebook today. Two great movies for different reasons!

I hate being jealous and one who generally makes a lot of assumptions. It ruins having a good time and usually pushes people away.

I should read more poetry.

I should practice the piano more often. I miss playing like I used to but I lack motivation most of the time.

I can’t believe it’s already the middle of August. In fact, I can’t believe that I’m in California still. It’s been so amazing being here and I’ve been so happy to try this out. But I also have had bouts of unhappiness and despression trying to deal with the financial situation. As difficult as that burden is to bear, I know I have to keep going. When I moved here in March, I would have NEVER guessed that I’d still be doing what I’m doing now.

It’s wonderful when you’re able to catch up with old friends. I should do it more often! You have the best conversations with people you care about sometimes after some time apart.

Am I really flighty?

I miss eating some good Tex-Mex. Gringos!! I’d love to franchise that restaurant over here. It would be a HUGE money maker. Investors, anyone?!

Even though I have moved here, most of my stuff is still back in Texas. So, it really doesn’t feel like I’m here for good. I hate that feeling, not knowing what’s gonna happen next and knowing that it might change at any minute! But, it’s also a rush, an excitement, to know that I’ll be experiencing so many new things with new people at new places. I just wish I didn’t have conflicting feelings about so many things!

Family Guy’s Alex Borstein

Although the show was very female oriented, I had a great time last night. Alex Borstein performed at the Alex Theater (no relation, just coincidence) for an hour and a half show. I didn’t really know what to expect, but it lived up to what expectations I did have.

I heard her make guest appearances at so many places, including Loveline with Adam Carolla and KROQ’s morning show. She was practically begging people buy tickets because of her worries about even just a few people showing up. Turns out it was a full house and there were very few empty seats.

For me, her show started out wildly hilarious. I was crying from laughing so hard in the beginning. Then she continued on with the rest of the act and although it was funny, I didn’t laugh as hard. Probably because I couldn’t completely identify with everything she was saying. Despite, it was a great show! The last two things she decided to do before the show ended was to do an improv sketch with her famous character “Ms. Swan” from TV’s MadTV. The the last thing, and my highlight, was to see her introduce and sing with fellow actor Seth MacFarlane. The performed a song from an upcoming album of the Family Guy actors singing. I don’t understand why people think that releasing a music album based on a hit show is going to make any difference rather than waste money? Maybe it’ll prove me wrong. Anyway, it was really interesting seeing Seth and Alex perform as their infamous characters on stage. I would love to see them record some of their material at the studios just to see the process and listen to the good times.

I met with co-worker Kurt from Magic Mountain (He’s Mr. Freeze in the Batman Show) and I joined him and his friends at the “after party” next door for dinner. Alex Borstein was an Acme Player a few years ago of the comedy troup Acme Comedy Theater, so many of the people who attended the show were friends and wellwishers from the theater. Kurt’s roommates are friends with Alex and so I was able to follow them to actually meet her. Good times!

This week is going to be spent figuring out what to do next. I don’t have to go to my new internship yet but I’m not commited to going to my old one anymore. So, I am going to probably take the week off except for paid work to try and put things together.

Family Guy shows new episodes starting June 2005, as announced by Alex last night. Yay!


After my internship today, I had an appointment to go to at 2pm to speak with a guy in charge of a company in Hollywood. In fact, on Hollywood Blvd. He basically maintains the place; I guess he’s the manager or something. Anyway, I spoke with him for about 30 minutes about what I am looking to do here in LA. He wanted to know my background and interests and where I would like to be. I surprised him by telling him about my background and my love for film scores, and he was amazed how sure I sounded about what I really wanted to do with my life. It takes so many people years to find that right job, but I sounded convincing to him and myself! It was great!

This company specializes in film scores. They rarely ever mix a TV score unless it’s to maintain a relationship with a great client. One of the latest movies they mixed is I Robot, which I have yet to see. But he explained some of the process that went into it. Pretty interesting stuff.

One downside is that his company has a bad track record with interns and intern placement, and he made me fully aware of that. He in no way guaranteed me a thing except for me to get some time to learn some of their equipment and to possibly use it when others aren’t. However, the many music editors who work there are starting to pick up more work lately so it’s pretty busy!

After speaking with him for a while, he offered me the opportunity to work with them doing mostly administrative tasks, saying it’s my own initiative to try to give them whatever time I am willing. So, I have decided to at least try it out. The interesting thing about this new internship is that truthfully, I am there. This is a kind of job that I have thought about for a while. Or at least I’ve thought about it in some capacity.

If I were to get “hired”, my job would possibly/probably include as much as working with a composer of a movie, overseeing the dubbing of a recording session, mixing the music/fx/dialog into the movie, and plenty more. The reason I put quotations around hired is because, if I think I remember correctly, he said that the employees are really just working as independent contractors and for the company but the company takes care of other matters. I don’t really technically know how it is but that’s what I think I heard.

So I’m really just almost there. I mean, I am so close to being there that it’s crazy. Now, if only I could get paid! And that’s the biggest issue with taking this internship. It’s another non-paying job that will require whatever hours I can give them but the only benefits I have are meeting the right people and learning all the equipment. Other than that, it’s all my volunteer work. I hate this, but money will eventually become a huge factor in my time devotion to the company as well as being able to stay here. There’s always a little chance that they would eventually work me in to their system for hire, but it’s unlikely to happen anytime soon. And that’s such a dilema for me.

I’m pretty much taking everything one day/week/month at a time right now to try to figure out what’s next, what’s to come, what I need to do. In some fashion and form, being here in LA, being able to work in this industry and the potential for me to work my way into a music editor position is a dream come true. But it’s almost purely at my expense right now. I don’t know what will happen to me, I don’t know if this’ll even work out. But I have no regret in trying to make it. I am trying my best to make decisions which I won’t regret, and if this doesn’t work, there are probably lots of other opportunities that I can make for myself whether they be here or elsewhere.

Let’s hope for the best, no matter the outcome.


Aren crashed and totaled his beloved Nova yesterday. Yes, I’m talking about THE NOVA. The one he’s obsessed about for years. The car, incidentally, that I was almost born in.

I forgot to mention a few celebrity sightings I had recently. I was walking from a Kinkos location back into the building where my internship is last week when I saw Morgan Webb of the show X-Play from G4TechTV. She used to fill in on The Screen Savers and Call for Help on the old TechTV channel as well. She’s very popular with the guys and even has her own fan site.

The other celeb sighting was at Mexicali in Studio City on Saturday night. The cast and crew finally finished production and had wrapped up around 7pm. Many of us went to the restaurant to have drinks, eat supper. Some of us, the AD especially, went to get stupid drunk. Anyway, it turns out Jessica Simpson showed up while we were there at the bar. So, a few of the people went to have a smoke outside just to get a look at her. It was interesting to see her again since the last time I saw her was in NYC this past November on my 2nd road trip with Justin.

This weekend I’m going to see Alex Borstein’s one-woman show. Alex voices the wife Lois Griffin from the cult hit show Family Guy. She also performs regularly on the Fox show MadTV. Should be a good time and I’m sure she’s going to be hilarious. What sucks, though, is that my company decided they couldn’t go and at the last minute… :( Oh well, the show is still gonna be cool.

my filming adventure

I arrived on the set a week ago Sunday. Once you get your pass from the gates of the Universal backlot, you’re free to drive anywhere that’s not blocked off. Technically, you really should drive to your set but it’s okay if you “get lost” because someone can always point you in the right direction.

The only other time I had been in the backlot was on that tour with Universal Studios. So this was nice, up close and personal. It was very enjoyable to see everything on my leisure and having heard some of what they tell you on the tour helped!

When I got to the house, I met the assistant director and a couple of other people. I immediately went up with the producer into the house where there was a ton of constuction, moving around, people going to and from. I basically just looked lost and followed around the producer like a little puppy until someone asked for my help. Once I got my feet wet by helping out a little, it wasn’t so bad.

The first day of shooting went relatively well and I think everyone got what they wanted. Having had no experience on a movie set before, I stood around watching and listening to everything happening. Being a production assistant (PA) is like being an intern: you are told what to do and you should assist anyone you can at any moment in time. You should always be asking what else you can do to help. Then, when you’re not needed, you stay out of the way. Not glamorous, but these people are needed.

My favorite thing about the whole week was a free, catered lunch. It was a nice breakfast in the morning usually with eggs and other delicious food, and then a grilled meal for lunch. I ate very well last week and even took some food home to save money!

As nice as the first day of shooting went, the rest of the week had its ups and downs. Either there was a few scenes that had to be way too many times for technical reasons or there was too much on the schedule to be shot in one day. Or it was just a slow day. I mean, there are way too many reasons why production could have turned sour, but overall it stuck together. The crew, especially the director of photography, grips, electricians, directors and producers, put in very long hours and abused how long they should be working during the day. Basically, there was a lot of filming to be done and not much time to do it.

I realize how valuable this experience really was for me. This will especially be helpful when I hopefully help the producer with post production after the film has been edited. I’m excited to see how it turns out and hope that it wins some awards because that’d be an awesome first movie on my resume/reel.

finished production

I’m finally done for the week with the new movie. Now, I will probably be helping out with the post production in some form or fashion! Once I get the motivation, I’ll write about some of my experiences.