more than this?

I’ve had this article written by Paul Graham bookmarked for a few weeks now since it was shown on Slashdot. I don’t know why I haven’t written about it before now but I guess right now I really feel compelled to share it with others. It’s such a great article, something that I really wish I had been told my freshman year of high school. There might not have been much that I would have listened to back then, some experiences can only be attained more difficultly. But, there’s much that I need to do now before my time runs out. Not really that it’s going to run out but I need to take advantage of my time much more wisely than I currently do. I have opportunity in front of me, something that’s possibly going to make my career. And I have interests that, if I decided to pursue them, would give me the advantages for which I long (seeing the world).


Wine Glace

Once again, I present to you my next completed design, Wine It’s only one page, but meant to be displayed for informational purposes only. And, it’s completely valid XHTML 1.0 transitional. Two down, a few more to go!

Sideways cadbury egg

I had a Cadbury egg today… I’m happy :)

I also went to see the movie Sideways. As with the movie Adaptation, it probably takes a certain audience to really appreciate much of the content. I gave the movie 9/10 stars. Wanna know the best part of the movie? I saw it at the Arclight Cinemas and we attended a 21+ version where anyone who wanted could buy alcohol and drink it in the theater. So we both had a half a cup of chardonnay wine. Knowing that the plot of the movie deals with wine, that really helped put us in the mood!

It’s nice to have finally have a great evening of good company and a nice film. Go out and enjoy yourself, life is awesome!

extra money

So it’s been over 2 weeks since I’ve been back from Germany. Plenty has happened and I’ve had lots to do. However, I still have all of these Euros sitting around.
extra Euros lying around
Anyone have any idea what I should do with them? I enjoy looking at them, but they’re worth about $20. Souvenirs anyone?

on the brighter side

I am writing this early because the last post that I made doesn’t deserve to keep the spotlight anymore. I have a problem that I have to deal with and I’m ready to look forward and put that behind me. I will work on changing myself for the better because I deserve to be a better person.

This afternoon, at around 12:30pm, I increasingly grew restless. I woke up pretty early this morning and for one reason or another, I could not make myself go back to sleep. I knew that because I woke myself up, I wasn’t going anywhere today. So after a few hours of chatting with a million people off and on all morning, the afternoon came and I was getting hungry. I was fidgiting a lot up until that point and I knew something had to give. During the process of warming up some delicious chicken noodle soup, I stopped the microwave. I thought, ya know, I’m way too restless to sit down and eat lunch right now. So I shut down my conversations and left the house. I ran for a total of 30-35 minutes, went up and down both hills that surround this neighborhood, and finally made it back to the house. That run almost did me in, but I know it was good for me. I couldn’t eat properly for the next hour or so as I was slowly trying to regain my composure and being, but it took longer than I would have thought. It was nice to change things up, not he normal, same thing that I do. As much as routine can benefit you in some ways, change is welcome with open arms here!

I believe the more grand news to report is that I have finally found another job! It’s part time, I’m not sure that I’ll get more than a few hours a week, but it’s sorely needed as I continue to develop and design with my websites. I am so relieved to find this news out because I’ve been losing too much money trying to study and learn more about web design and not getting any income for it. It’s like being in school except I’m not!

And hopefully at some point next week I’m going to look into another part time job that I will enjoy. Once that happens, I’ll let you know if it works out or not.

I have one more agenda for the day, hopefully accomplishing one more thing, but if that doesn’t happen I still won’t feel like today was a total bust. This morning definitely a downer but it’s been all up since then. Let’s hope that this weekend storm doesn’t negatively affect anymore of my weekend. I want to enjoy every moment I’ve been given as best as I can!

BTW, to those who have talked to me today, thank you for your thoughts. I appreciate hearing from each of you and hope to hear from more of you soon.

seed of a tree

I try to usually steer clear of topics of really personal matters especially concerning other people, but I find that sometimes they might be important to talk about openly. I am always pretty conscientious and careful of everything that I type on this website because I know I continually have a growing audience every month, thus I don’t ever want to give out too much personal feeling and thoughts. However, now is a rare occasion and I really think this is important to discuss openly.


my hair

I have news for rejoice for most people who have seen me since Thanksgiving. I have officially cut my hair. Yes, it’s past due (I don’t wanna hear it, CLFP WOMEN!) but I decided to take the plunge and chop it off, back to the normal do that everyone normally views when they see me.

First real haircut since August

I believe out of every haircut I’ve ever received, this style fits me best. Most of my photos include this shorter, more efficient hair style. But, I have enjoyed once before a longer hairstyle.

During my two year stay in Denver for school, I grew my hair out for the first whole semester that I was there. I had no real purpose except to save money, but the hair style was much smoother because of the lack of humidity, something I’ve been plagued with here in LA and back home in Houston.

My favorite long do

And as you might be able to see from some of my recent photos (though I really couldn’t find a good one to show), the hair above is so much better. If I didn’t live in such humid areas, I would probably try to grow it out again, but because of my wavy hair, it’s just not reasonable anymore. So, that’s now history and my short hair is back!

Germany photo gallery

Finally, I present to you my short and sweet photo gallery of my trip to Germany! I really need to find a program or something simpler because it takes me forever and day to finally get everything done. I wish there was a standards compliant photo gallery that I could just download, upload, modify and create, rather than having to edit almost all of the photos and links! Someday, I will.

Until that time, enjoy my temporary new gallery!

Deutschland list

panorama view of Wuerzburg
This is the city of Wuerzburg, and is about 300KB in size, so it will take about a minute to load on a slower modem connection.

So I think now’s a time to reflect on some of my thoughts about Germany. As I said earlier, I really should have done this a while ago but, well, procrastination is such a good friend of mine. I really should disown him as a friend but he’s been so good to me.


need a map?

Do you like to use yahoo maps or mapquest? One or the other are the default map for most websites as it offers some of the most detailed directions.

Google has done it again. It looks now that both of those sites have been dethroned by the newest beta in the Google universe. Google Maps offers some the easiest, scalable, and tracable map direction ever offered on the Internet. It’s very easy to look at, easy to understand and easy to use. I look forward to the time when it’s not just the US but worldwide.

Go ahead, be converted!