Does anyone use skype? If so, contact me. I wanna try it out.

If not, download it and install it so that we can talk. Skype is a Internet phone. When used with broadband Internet, it’s amazingly clear. And free to call anywhere. So, download it.

and the world turns

Hmm… I just realized that I didn’t have much of a life this weekend. I stayed home all day Saturday and Sunday. However, I was extremely productive cleaning a little, doing a lot of coding on my personal website, and just taking it easy. I’ve gotten some inspiration back so that’s awesome.

On Friday I worked late into the night for Magic Mountain again. It was my way of paying lip service to the park so that I can keep myself on call. I ended up driving the Newsboys to the Burbank hotel. On the way, I almost ran into a car in front of me because I was trying to change lanes before the passenger yelled, “Hey man, watch out! Slow down!” I felt so embarassed because I’m a great driver but that totally made me look stupid! So yeah, I almost injured the Newsboys as they were nodding off in the van.

I also didn’t realize that these guys were as old as they are. In their 30s or older! They’ve been around for like 15 or 20 years. Wow.

I finally got my tax return! I have sorely needed that money back.

I will be flying into Houston on May 17 and staying through June 21. I waited until the last minute to buy these tickets because I really wasn’t sure that staying in Houston for so long was a good idea. I have a job here, I have other things in which I’m involved as well and being back home, as nice as it’s going to be, for so long can’t be a great thing for me. However, I will hopefully be picking up some full-time work that I can’t pick up here most of my time back as well as going to another UM ARMY camp and seeing my dad back to Houston for his new appointment at Bear Creek. That’s right, my dad has been reappointed to Houston from Texarkana. They are very excited about the move back and it’ll be nice to have family back in Houston again. Yet, I don’t know that it’ll do me much good anyway since I am living here now. Whatever.

One week until Family Guy’s first NEW episode of the fourth season! WATCH IT.

Family Guy Live

Friday night was the highlight of my month. After a month of waiting, I went to the Wiltern LG theater and saw the actors who voice the characters on Family Guy. This was one of the funniest nights of laughter that I’ve had in years. By the end, my eyes were so red and teary.


Wisdom teeth removal

Just over two weeks ago, I slowly had an abscess at the back of my mouth. I wasn’t sure why it happened, but I had a educated guess that it was a result of my impacted wisdom tooth. After seeing a dentist and getting a cheap consultation, I was right. So, I immediately went on Amoxicillin to kill the infection that was causing the abscess. I, finally, was faced to the fact that I had to get my wisdom teeth out.


less wisdom

I went into the UCLA medical center thinking I was going to schedule myself for a future date to remove my wisdom teeth. Turns out that they had an immediate opening. So, I am now 4 wisdom teeth short. The bottom of my mouth from cheek to cheek is completely numb, even up to my right ear. It’s sorta weird, but truthfully I’d much rather feel this numbness than what I am about to face for the next few days. In fact, I can’t really eat until tomorrow, and even then I am only allowed liquid foods.

I’ll explain what happened soon; I’d rather wait until I my mouth is totally numbfree and the pain has set in, because this will give me a reason to take my mind off of the pain. Luckily, I’ll have all the drugs I need soon – VICODIN!

Speaking of which, I have yet to to actually take vicodin. And, I did not even go under any N2O while they extracted the teeth, I was fully awake and laughing.

I had BIG hair!

Warning, clicking the link below will subject you to a HORRIBLE photo of me, one that I proudly display!

Do you wanna see what I looked like my sophomore year during band season?



my definition of vacation

Five years ago, just before Jonathan went into the ARMY for four years, we decided that we should go on vacation (or as I recently found out they say in Europe, we went on holiday). We took a week long, spring break trip to Boston to visit our friend Russell and New York City as well as a stop in Maine overnight. It was a very short and really busy trip, having stopped and walked to just about every destination we could but it was absolutely amazing! It was my first time I’d ever been to the Big Apple, and I knew instantly from my first ride and first steps, I was hooked. Since then, I’ve taken two more trips to the city, both which seemed to be entirely too short and way too busy!


the best of two worlds

This is the main reason why I think Google Maps is the future. Take a site like craigslist, in all its simplicity and combine it with Google Maps and you have one of the most useful ways of buying, selling, and renting all kinds of housing.


Well, I’ve made it through the weekend alive and well. And surprisingly upbeat! In fact, I never really had a moment this weekend where I was sad! I did write a huge e-mail that I sent to everyone in my address book explaining where I think I am with my life and where I might be going, but I didn’t even write that out of sadness but rather out of curiousity. So far, the e-mails have been very informative and supportive! Nothing that negative, mostly just realistic. If you didn’t receive the e-mail I sent out and are interested to receive one, let me know and I’ll forward it to you. Bear in mind that it’s pretty personal at times, I’m not sure how deep into my head you want to get, but I don’t mind sharing this stuff with friends and family. I obviously left out a LOT of personal information from that e-mail, but not all thoughts are meant to be expressed.

I spent most of Saturday doing some cleaning and lots of research for my new design. Then I had some good conversations and bad conversations, as any other weekend might bring as well. I almost thought I put myself in the doghouse with two friends but turns out it might only be one. Either way, I seem to find the quickest, easiest way to piss people off sometimes, and totally unintentionally! I guess I offer opinions and argue too much, and that gets me into too much trouble. Oh well, I’ll see what happens soon enough.

Sunday was spent mostly just relaxing and thinking. I have been pretty pensive all day, lying around just wondering about what’s going to happen with tomorrow. Not the actual tomorrow but the future tomorrow. I can’t wait to move on to my next adventure but not sure where to head yet. I need to sit down and make some plans, though I must also realize that these plans will probably change.

I think I’m going to post some comments from some of the e-mails I’ve gotten from everyone because there’s so much good advice that would be beneficial to share with everyone. I really hope that out of almost 100 people that I sent that e-mail to that I hear from at least 50% of them. So far I’ve mostly heard from close or extended family as well as a few friends, but I’m sure there are some people who are just gonna read and not know what to say really. I feel it’s my duty to keep people informed of my life, at least those who are interested to know because most people are too busy to ask me even if they are interested.

The climax of my week: Family Guy Live! This is going to be such fun, sorta historical as well. How many times does a person, in his or her lifetime, get to see enjoy a live performance of something so awesome? This will be great!

the photogenic side of Houston

Reading the Chronicle this afternoon led me to a really neat link. It is some random of photos of downtown and other parts of the city. Since I know a lot of my readers are from the Houston area, I figured this would be appropriate.

Houston Architecture