It looks like my webhost is going under. So, I am going to do a little shopping around and get the best deal from another host. There is a lot that I’m afraid to do, such as transfer the bulletin board and php stuff, so if anyone can offer suggestions, I’d appreciate it. I’ll be back soon, because I have to be back soon. I have this huge story about San Francisco that has to be told, one that I think most of you will find so humorous (even though it wasn’t always humorous to me) :o)

See you on the other side.


Screw terrorists.

To see some very detailed information on the London attacks, go to the wikipedia entry.

This is not the kind of crap I wanna wake up to again.

new job jitters

I have received lots of positive words from many people and I’m very thankful for everything that has been sent my way! I’m still just as excited and scared as I was, but am looking forward to what will happen. I realize that my evenings of consecutive late nights such as this one are quickly coming to an end. Oh how I’ll miss my evenings!

I’m excited because this next weekend I’m taking a short trip to San Francisco. I must take advantage of this free time while I have it, so it’s only natural that I cram this one last trip in before I start my job. It shall be much fun because I think I’m finally going to do all of the touristy stuff that I haven’t yet done in the city, and besides that I can also hopefully take a lot of time and get some more photos! It’s been way too long since I’ve had a photo shoot of any kind because I’ve just been way too insanely busy with so many things. Hopefully this’ll will be one of my eventual purchases with the new job’s salary.

I think one of the scariest things about taking this job is knowing that in the short run I might actually enjoy being there. I’ll never enjoy waking up early and fighting traffic all of the time, but hopefully I will enjoy going into this job each and every day so it won’t be as big of a deal. I am also happy living where I am (except for the intense heat of the summer!) and don’t really want to have to pick up and move again because I’m way too used to having to make that adjustment. But, I think that if I could find a really good deal like I have here, I’d probably have to really consider it. It’s just way too much of a drive to be making every day every week for most of the year.

Something that sorta scares me is knowing that I can’t skip a few days of work to join a friend who might be coming to town or to Vegas or SF or SD! That’s one of the best things about not having to work full-time that I enjoy doing, deciding at the last minute that I can take a trip to one of these relatively close cities and just have a ton of fun! Working this job just now means that I’ll have to fight traffic along with every other schmo who does the same thing, rather than taking the opportune times of traveling. And I’ll only have two whole days to cram most everything in, including driving or flying. But, I guess one really good thing is that if I REALLY don’t have enough time to drive, I could just hop on a plane at LAX and take off. I’ll actually be right by the airport now, be able to leave my car somewhere for free and not have to worry about too much except the cost of the plane ticket.