the void

I have really been neglecting my website lately. And it’s sorta on purpose. I’m bored with it. I want to breathe new life into it but I find my millions of other distractions are the perfect excuse for me to not pay attention to this site. I hate feeling like I’m not accomplishing anything too because I have a great voice and want to express it, but my apathy and laziness really get to me a lot. Let me explain a little of what’s going on.

I currently live in two places. I have a weekday home and weekend home. Weekend home is the one I moved into last year. Weekday home is a new pad for me to stay during the week and it’s a lot closer. While I live in weekday home, I park my car and never use it during the week. I save on gas. I save on car maintenance fees. I save on parking garage fees. I save on lots of time. But the financial balance still weighs heavier on that side than what I’m doing now because I am not utilizing my time properly. I hate driving so much everday but I also hate wasting my time and paying an extra rent every month. It’s one versus the other and having a 2nd place still just feels right even though it’s costing me a lot more. Maybe I’ll change my mind by next year.

So let’s see, how, much more negativity can I blog about! :o) I guess everything so far has sounded sorta negative but overall I’m okay. Just a little overwhelmed. I have my job, my 2nd job, and my freelance jobs. And they take up 100% of the time I give them, which is never enough. I’m in over my head.

I know I can accomplish everything, but I need to pace myself because I’m getting very burnt out. I guess we’ll just see what happens in the coming weeks and months. I hope I don’t go bananas over everything! Although, that would be sorta fun!

Okay, I think I’ve done enough venting for today. I hope I can figure out a way to refresh this blog because it’s so boring!

weekend tidbits

Going to the dentist tomorrow to get my tooth bonded. Work will eventually reimburse me for most of it, unless I decide to get some extra work like whitening done while I’m there. The reason I’m not getting it capped just yet is because it would have cost almost a grand. I’m still in the be thrifty mode trying to get used to paying bills and other things. I don’t want to go hog wild with my money.

California is having a special (ed) election this November on some issues that are really important for the governor and his chances at a next term. The issues deal with abortion, teacher’s permanent status waiting period, political contributions, school funding and a few others. Nothing here seems too controversial except maybe the abortion and state spending on schools. I’ll try to at least give a little attention to it and seek to vote but I don’t see it being all that important either. Maybe I’m a little too apathetic about this one.

So what’s up with the president’s 39% approval rating? I sure am hearing a lot of media bias about this presidency and it seems they keep pointing out Bush’s religious convictions in choosing Miers, in going to war, and in his personal life in general. Not only that but this whole CIA leak going up as far as the vice president’s office makes me continue to wonder what’s next. I didn’t want a stupid president in the White House to begin with, but with the only real alternatives being Gore and Kerry in the past two elections, I think we screwed ourselves up. Nepotism, corporate contributions, and religious beliefs shouldn’t play such a big part in our leaders’ choices, but I continue to see more and more of that as time passes.

Have you ever heard of Jim Cramer? If you ever have time to watch his show on CNBC, I highly suggest tuning in. It’s a financial show on steroids, and I mean lots and lots of steroids.

During my workout at the gym yesterday evening, I had the pleasure of seeing a semi-famous celeb! Not one that many people would know unless they were fans of Freaks and Geeks, but Martin Starr and friend were there. I’ve met him two previous occasions at some Freaks and Geeks gatherings, but decided that this wasn’t an exception to go bug him. So I kept to myself but it was cool just seeing a guy who was in one of my all time favorite shows ever!

It finally rained for the first time in months earlier this week and it’s been overcast the rest of the time, or at least here in Santa Monica. Maybe back home it’s less overcast but I guess I’ll find out tonight. I’m enjoying this cooler weather and hope it’s definitely here to stay. I need the break from the heat and can’t wait to bundle up. I miss the snow sometimes.

I have a ton of projects, as usual, that need to be finished and finding the motivation to do them has been once again lacking. I have overwhelmed myself with too many responsibilities so learning time management, and making myself finish one thing after another can be a struggled when I emotionally don’t feel up to doing something. I guess living in two places is also taking its toll physically and mentally. But, as I can see it, this really is the best way for me to live right now as I try to balance time and work.

A few other things have been affecting my personal life as well but I will get to those issues in future posts.

All I want for Christmas is my . . .

You ever seen a home grown, good old southern boy? You know, the kind of guys who have lived in the same place all their life, can’t afford to move anywhere else and have them ripe, fun accents that Hollywood likes to make fun of? Very often these guys are a little unkeptly in appearance and need some physical and dental work. Well, as of last night, I’m back to my east Texas roots.


It Happened One Night

downtown San Diego

This weekend was totally unplanned, but in a matter of minutes I made the decision to go to San Diego for a night! It’s amazing how quickly these impulse decisions can be some of the most amazing ones you make and this was no exception.

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to get out of town to do something totally random and crazy like this, but this weekend was long past due. I’ve recently been aching to get out of town, go on a roadtrip or something, but this whole full-time employment and real life business keeps my extracurricular activities to a depressing minimal. So I decided this timing was perfect and we drove down Saturday evening.

So what made this trip so fun? The fact that Saturday afternoon I expected a relaxing, boring weekend and it ended up completely opposite in downtown San Diego; it turned out perfect. We started the night at a club on 5th Avenue and ended the night sitting by the bay just talking and enjoying the night lights.

On Sunday, we had a great time walking around the bay and toured a destroyer and aircraft carrier. This was the first time I’ve been on an aircraft carrier since I went to the USS Lexington in Corpus Christi. And from what I remembered, this one was very similar. We didn’t have time to go around to each exhibit and listen to every little detail, but it was neat just being there and seeing all of the historical planes and learning about the history of the vessel. Little did we realize it but this week was Fleet Week in San Diego so tourism was up a little. So our timing was impeccable!

I don’t think I’ll write about how many drinks I had or how late we stayed out because it doesn’t matter. What matters is having a great time with great company in a great place. San Diego is definitely going to get more of my business in the future, I’m just not sure how soon yet.

Now hopefully I can plan another trip like this, but in another country… oh, let’s say… Great Britain? ;-)

Yahoo! acquires my coworkers

I’ve been working this new job for three months already. It has passed by so quickly too and I expect another three months to pass as quickly. In this short span of time, my job has gone through an immense amount of transition.

This morning, Yahoo! has announced it is purchasing, a project which my boss Andy Baio started a couple of years ago. When I interviewed for this job in May, I quickly realized how much of an asset Andy could be for a job in the web design world with his amazing high profile connections, but I didn’t realize how much he was potentially worth until it was too late. Now my time learning from him is cut short as he departs this job and moves to Sunnyvale working for Yahoo!. A very talented and brilliant former coworker of mine, Gorden Luk, who eventually assisted Andy on upcoming, left his job a month ago and is also on his way up.

So as you can see, my job has been through some unusual and sudden transitions as I’ve been getting to know coworkers and now having to prepare for two new coworkers and a new boss. But watching these stories as they unfold has been fascinating. Andy spent most of his freetime on upcoming for the past couple of years, and even just as a side project, his potential was realized by Yahoo! and he’s taking full advantage of this opportunity presented to him to work on some more great projects that Yahoo! has coming down the road.

There are days I wish I had been more serious in school, learning everything under the sun about programming or music or this or that. I’ve always had very ecletic tastes and, to a varying degree, talents. Thus, I would never have been able to pull something as off by myself or really at all! Maybe someday I’ll figure out how to realize my potential and make it big. Until that day, I continue searching for the answers.