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I almost went to see a taping of The Price is Right today. I almost decided to go, too, but never gave a definite answer to my opportunity passed. I just hate taking a day off when I’m sure that I’ll have another reason to later when I go traveling. But, I also hate missing really fun opportunities like this. Who knows how much longer Bob is going to be around doing the show. I should have done this kind of thing a long time ago.

It was nice having an extended weekend. I got some good work done on a website I’m working on, and I’m hopefully on target to get most of it completed next week. I have a LOT to do but I’m chipping away at it. Probably another reason I shouldn’t have gone to the gameshow.

I wish I had something more exciting to say than this but nothing exciting has really happened to me lately. I’ve just been workin’ my butt off trying to complete a bunch of projects and freeing up time to pursue other passions of mine like music. And this website. and a couple of other websites. I have enough to keep me busy for a while. Which is depressing but good for me at the same time.

I need to also consider going back to Texas soon. I don’t know when or how because my money is committed to other things right now but I’ve neglected spending time with friends in Texas, and there are a lot of them! And I miss certain things too. The hard thing is finding the time and money.

My full-time job is keeping me really busy. I have projects which are a little beyond my experience right now so it’s a huge hump trying to learn how to overcome the hump of inexperience. Hopefully I’ll start to pick up on things sooner than later.

creative job listing

Warning: This will only be funny to tried, true computer geeks who know programming.

if ($craigslist->user->checkSkills(array(‘php’,’mysql’,’html’,’js’))){
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no regrets

I hate saying this but I feel like trying to maintain this thing is a chore. I have so much that needs to be done, including a complete redesign but I’m still just too busy to pay attention to it. It’s sad really. I want to have a better voice out there and talk about a huge plethora of things but I just don’t find the desire to as often as I used to. Partly because I’m burned out with everything else I’m having to do so touching this just doesn’t sound appealing at all.

I do write little things every now and then and I know I should probably write more but I’m frustrated that I haven’t gotten other things taken care of. My comment system is busted and it’s going to require me to backup and completely restore everything. My photo section has been down the whole time I’ve had this new webhost. Damn my previous host for being such a crappy host then suddenly pulling the plug at the last minute.

So I guess you want to know how my life is right now. At the moment, this is what it consists of. Monday through Friday I’m at work at 6:45 every morning and usually don’t leave until anywhere between 7:45 and 9:45pm. I stay so long because I am always trying to get things done on my personal projects. I’m almost done with one and haven’t had enough information to really get to the other one. So it’s a waiting game but I always have something to do. Saturday I have another part-time job that I go to in Hollywood which is also web design. It can last anywhere from 3-8 hours, depending on the quantity of work. Sunday is typically my day of rest although I usually spend the evening ironing clothes and packing for my week. Packing, you ask? Yeah. I actually live in two places now. During the week I’m staying closer to work and during the weekend I come back to where I’ve lived almost since I moved here.

Life’s not perfect. That which I am doing right now is not preferable. But, I know that I’m doing what I should be. I am happy going to work. I am happy that I have such great friends and family. I’m blessed because I live in LA. I’m content with who I am. I know that this won’t last forever and can’t wait until what happens next. The best way to get through these times is to remind yourself that it’s only temporary. This won’t last forever. It’s just how it has to be right now until I can figure out my next move. Until then, I’m going to make the best of everything I have. I need to go to the gym more but first I must take care of business and finish these projects that take up so much of my time. I am on fast forward and trying to enjoy the moments which are given to me. No regrets.