Newspaper design

I thought this was a really great article about newspaper designs and how most out there are so cookie-cutter. It makes a really great point about newspapers which are a cut above the rest: The Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and USA Today all have distinctive layouts which stand out. Anyway, if you’re interested in print design or design in general, this is a great article. And be sure to click on the right side to see the Bakersfield, California newspaper redesign. It’s very contemporary and looks great!

Press Your Luck

Now I’m sad.

I was riding the bus back home a little while ago when I was checking the daily news. Seems that there was more to that plane crash than I first realized.

Early this morning as I was working, I caught myself staring out at the beach as I typically do. This time, however, I immediately saw like 5 helicopters hovering above what I soon realized was just north of the Venice shoreline. Then a couple more showed up and there were a total of 7 helicopters flying around, hovering and looking auspicious.

Something happened.

Not too long after that, the local news station websites started breaking coverage of a small one engine plane having crashed anywhere between 150 and 300 feet south of the Santa Monica Pier. Initially it looked much further away until I saw a webcast coverage from CBS 2 News. This was literally just a a mile or two away.

Well, there’s not much we could see because of being on the 5th floor. Sometimes it would be nice to work up a little higher!

The day passed by and the search and rescue/recovery boats were sending divers out around the area trying to find a 3rd victim. They already pulled out 2 bodies from the bay, a man and a woman.

Not thinking too much of it, except for its tragedy, as I checked out the news tonight I found out that one of the two victims was a host of probably one of my two or three top game shows, Press Your Luck. Peter Tomarken was only 63 years old.

The worst part about this whole tragedy is that Peter and his wife were on their way down to San Diego to pick up a lady who needed medical attention at UCLA Medical Center. They were involved with a volunteer program to help others get from one place to another. The plane’s engine failure was the cause of the plane going down.

In Memory of Peter Tomarken

Press Your Luck Scandal – This dude actually figured out the system and literally cleaned out the gameshow for almost an hour!

Pilot Episode of Press Your Luck:

Ch Ch Ch Changes

Yesterday morning was a big morning for me as I made a huge decision to leave my current job. I gave my two weeks notice and have decided to accept a similar position for a company that is closer to my house. This decision did not come lightly, but I believe that for my future it was necessary for me to make this decision. It allows me the necessary lifestyle that I have been missing since I began this job last July. I am sad to leave behind some great people working for a great company, but I look forward to my next adventure and am excited at the opportunity and possibilities that shall await as I continue in my journey!

So what changes are going to be made exactly? I currently live in two places, one on the weekend and one on the weekday. In two weeks, I shall give up my weekday place. I shall finally, once again, be able to live in one place full-time and not having to commute between two places with half of my stuff. This, in itself, is a HUGE bonus personally in many ways. Living in two places constantly is not easy and I don’t expect anyone to try and take on the kind of life I’ve lived these past months. But, I knew what I was facing when I started this job and had every intention of seeking a place closer to work. However, trying to find decent real estate/apartment/place to live near or in Santa Monica is next to impossible, especially with my current financial situation (which isn’t necessarily bad).

Another thing I shall leave behind is the daily bus trip to and from work. I will begin driving to work, and it will take just around 20 minutes, plus or minus 10. This is awesome!! Commuting to Santa Monica back and forth is exhausting from where I live, but wasn’t impossible. Taking the bus was pretty easy because I knew the schedule and was there on time everyday. But, waiting for the bus when it was late or not even coming gets annoying, and that’s happened to me on more than one occasion. Having my car immediately available shall be a nice change of pace.

I think the best part about this whole change will be having more time available to me. When I arrive back to my house on the weekends, I’m pooped. I usually work on Saturday and Sunday, although I should be working on some freelance projects, I typically take the time to rest myself. I just never feel up to actually doing anything productive, so Saturday evening to Sunday evening are typically my time. Every now and then I’ll get to something when I feel up to it, but I won’t press myself either. Knowing that I have a long week ahead of me, with a big commute to another place, it definitely took a toll on me. But with this commute virtually now cut in half and my salary resuming back to normal, I shall have the opportunity to spend time doing things which I have wanted when I otherwise have not had time or resources.

This change is bittersweet, as I expected it would be. There are a lot of great people working here and I wish them the best, but I look forward to the new opportunities that I face and can’t wait for the next adventure!

two years and counting

March 1st marked two years since I moved to Los Angeles. This now marks the longest time I’ve lived anywhere since I graduated high school and left for college. Ever since then, I’ve only lived in several places for no more than two years at a time, sometimes only lasting a few months at a time. I’ve been on the go, from one place to another always looking for the next opportunity. And I have had a lot of fun along the way!

I don’t know what the future holds for me. There are still so many different things I want to do and places I want to experience. I’m sure my life is going to continue to bring new people into my life and I can’t wait to meet new friends! I have hopes of seeing the world in ways that most people can only imagine, and trying to figure out how will be just another journey in itself.

I have not accomplished those things which I’ve wanted to since I moved here to LA, and I know that once I get through this time of being so completely busy with different projects I will be able to pursue doing those things for which I came here. I also have to fight my laziness because as busy as I can be, I take every moment I can to literally do nothing. Maybe it’s an overall stress of being so busy which I fight to waste time doing nothing, but right now I need the time to myself to do nothing. It’s relaxing and I miss it.

I wonder how long I’m actually going to stay here in LA. Obviously, I plan on being here for a while since I’m working a job. I’m making decent money, paying off debt, saving for my future and all the while trying to figure out how to make my next moves after deciding which moves to actually make.

Sometimes, I’m asked about my dating life. People who don’t know me are generally surprised when I say that it’s been a while since I’ve really dated anyone. And by really dated, I mean where there was mutual interest to date someone and enjoy the relationship. I’ve been on a couple of dates since moving here but nothing has ever happened beyond a first or second date because I have truly had no interest. I’d love to find someone or for someone to find me. But I don’t know that who I am right now is selfless enough to give what a person should in a relationship. It would be awesome in the one sense, but a burden in the other. I’m not ready to settle down; I’m just ready to continue having fun with life. So that’s where I stand and probably will stand for a few years to come. And then again, people usually find someone when they’re not looking so who knows what shall happen.

It’s been a very interesting, very different two years since moving here. I’ve changed. The world has changed. And it’s shall keep on going no matter where I am. Hopefully sooner than later I’ll be able to experience some of these remote changes in person, making a difference in ways outside of web design and affecting those around me with the passion I have for life.

Bring it on.