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prove yourself right

I think it’s time I made a sensible New Year’s resolution. I’m not one to make silly, random resolutions that I’ll never live up to. I see other people say they will then quickly fall back and move on like nothing ever happened. 2007, however, needs to become a big year for me. I have lots of plans to take on in the next few months so unless I plan everything sensibly, I might not go anywhere.

A friend of mine called me recently distressed out. She had been talking to her mom about where she is with her life and why she isn’t where she needs to be. So she decided to flat out lie to her mom and say she was going to do the traditional, stereotypical thing of going to college and getting a degree instead of doing what she truly wanted. Her mom, her friends, most of the people in her life who she calls friends have been doubting her and her decisions. Each year passes by and more doubt is cast upon her by those who she loves most.

After questioning her and finding out what they were saying, I told her she had many options to choose from. Changing her mind wouldn’t be the end of the world, but it’s obvious she thinks she can live her dream. So it’s important for her to be true to her feelings.

There are two major ways she could look at trying to make this dream come true. The negative way is to prove her family and friends wrong: to show them that she had it in her the whole time. But what good is it to focus on the negative?

Realizing that this wasn’t a new concept, I told her to, instead, prove herself right. She should prove to herself that she’s not all talk, that she can withstand the pressure and negativity of other people and fight to do what she loves the most. It was then I realized that I’m talking to myself just as much as I’m talking to her.

I know I could be doing anything I wanted to do, and I feel like I’m on the right path for me. But I could be so much more right now. So what’s the most positive way to make these changes in my life? It’s to stop thinking about my doubts and fears and just prove myself that I can do what I want. No one is stopping me but me.

I’m not unhappy with my life, I’m not upset that I am where I am. I just know there’s so much more that I expect of myself and I won’t feel personal success until I am on the tracks which lead me to my passions, dreams and desires. This means making sacrifices and changes to my personal habits, to my mentality and to my accountability. Until I can achieve this goal, my dreams will stall.

2007. This will be the year of new beginnings. It will mark a new chapter in my life. I can’t wait to see what happens.

christmas should be cold

i can’t imagine being anywhere else for christmas.

LA on Christmas = 70s
Colorado on Christmas = 40s

Weather makes such a huge difference.

what’s up, doc?

Me lately:

  • Thanksgiving in Houston
  • Christmas in Colorado
  • Preparation for a new laptop…
  • Research into new ventures

New things coming soon.

Windows OS X

I will soon post an entry describing my personal annoyances about OSX and what bugs me about the way it works. Until then, I give you a link to show the killer app. It’s called Parallels with a mode called Coherence. This is it; once the bugs are worked out, you can now seamlessly run Windows in OSX and have two side by side. That’s what all people have been looking for.

Honestly, I’m excited about this. If I am able to afford it, I am now considering the Macbook Pro only because of my desire to do audio editing with software like Pro Tools. I’ve always had a desire to do that anyway, but with Parallels being able to run Windows apps and OSX apps side by side, that gives me the ultimate setup.

So now I wanna know, why hasn’t anyone figured out how to do the opposite? I love knowing this is now available (even if it is still a little buggy) but I prefer the functionality of Windows over OSX.