new flavor

I enjoyed my last color scheme, but this one speaks to me a lot more. Choosing colors for my site never was my forte, but I think with a few additional colors this scheme is going to last for a while.

i hate fire season

Fire season doesn’t typically start here in California until mid-summer because temperatures are a lot hotter and conditions are much drier. But, within the last few weeks, there have been numerous fires all over the place here. As I currently type, there’s a small fire just 5 miles from my house. It smells horrible here, like there’s a fire just outside my window. If this is what my summer is going to be like while I’m here, I’m gonna try to take a lot of trips to get away. This is gross.

natural history

This city is too huge. I’ve walked all up and down 2nd and 3rd Avenue in the upper East side looking for free wifi and found nothing but a bunch of upper class restaurants. Not that I’m complaining about seeing some pretty cool places, but that I didn’t find ONE place that offers free wifi. It was tough walking around with my MacBook Pro all over the place.

I went to the American Museum of Natural History and had a great time. My favorite event was going to the Hayden Planetarium where I saw a 30 minute presentation of cosmic collisions, their feature presentation. I LOVE planetariums! I need to see the one in LA sometime b/c I’ve never even been to one there! There are even two observatories that could EASILY whet my appetite. Geez, I need more friends to go do that stuff with.

Why does the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History turn up as the third result on Google’s search? Is it that good? Sadly, the one in LA doesn’t even turn up in the results.

I should make this summer’s goal to visit all the museums I either haven’t visited or revisit those which I haven’t been to in quite a while. Locations will include Seattle, NYC, LA, Houston, Santa Barbara, and other local places.


Today marks the first day ever that I have never been home on my birthday. Coming to you from NYC until Friday and enjoying every minute of it!