It was just violent enough and long enough to shake my Texan nerves.

11:42 a.m.
I was sitting at my desk, business as usual.
I felt something.
A little startled, I looked around.
Curtains aren’t supposed to shake on their own.


I ran into the doorway as soon as I realized what was happening. It had been shaking about five seconds already by this time. I think it lasted just a few more seconds before it stopped. The excitement and adrenaline lasted me the rest of the day.

Amazing. This was the biggest earthquake LA has received since 1994.


Went to Glow last night.

What I hoped to be something of a laser, light, glow in the dark extravaganza turned out to be an overcrowded, sparsely artistic, lines for everything loitering festival. Not enough lights, way too many people. They even had police holding back people because the pier was overcrowded.

I expected an outdoor rave like party. I got a theme park, boring sheep fest.

The event had so much potential from the photos and sound of it but it was just so unorganized, there was nothing really do to do except people watch and follow the crowds. Certain drugs at certain times might have helped but with so many people all doing the same thing in the same place, I don’t think it would have helped much. I was kinda expecting more of a Bourbon Street type atmosphere but it just seemed like everyone was confused as to where to go and what to do. Someone should have handed out millions of glow sticks at the top of the pier, that would have been amazing.

It was inspired by Nuit Blanche which is held in Paris every year. I’ve never been but I’m gonna guess it’s a little more interesting than this was.

Unless I know this gets better next time (IF there’s a next time), that’s the last time I go to that!

sunday lists

In the last month:

  • I met my friend at the local hospital just before 5am. She was rear-ended at a stop light and suffered minor cuts and physical shake-up. She showed up just before 7am.
  • I spent a few weeks after that helping her get her personal affairs in order. We also looked for cars, bought one, and I helped her with her job.
  • I learned what a dog walker does for a living. If I ever needed to get into a job that can make good money inconsistently, dog walking would be kinda high on the list.
  • At times, I was completely needed to take care of someone. I’ve never been in a situation where I am tending to someone and I can’t imagine doing this for someone in critical need is any better. I’ve gained respect for those who do this for a living. It’s mentally draining at times.
  • I left the house every single day. Sometimes, normally, I’m home for days in a row now because I have work or no incentive or need to go anywhere. It also helps save gas. I like alone time but need a social balance more often.
  • I helped someone to buy a new car. Out of all the SUVs out there, one of the best purchases anyone can make is a Honda CR-V. They’re one of the most fuel efficient, solidly built SUVs.
  • I realized how detailed one should be when buying a new/used car. VIN numbers, background checks, mechanic checks, registering, renewing, time, time and more time. It’s so consuming and tedious.
  • I learned first hand that car dealership salesmen are very aggressive even when you warn them not to be. Some don’t get the point when you tell them to back off.
  • I realized that car dealerships don’t carry cars older than about 5-7 years. I had no idea.
  • I went to Disneyland for a night and another full day. I love going to Disneyland randomly.

During this last month:

  • I did not go into work. I wasn’t called into work, I didn’t respond to or initiate anything. I will spend the next few weeks playing catch up. I spent 30 minutes on the phone for a meeting one morning. That was it.
  • I kinda dropped off the social radar from most people. The majority of my time was consumed.
  • I got sick with a summer cold. It lasted from Monday until today. Today I am 100%.
  • I paid no attention at all to this website. I’ve felt very apathetic about writing lately.
  • I spent less time online than usual. It was kinda freeing.

Escaping the monotony of life was nice for a few weeks, but within that escape I formed another routine of montony. It reinforces my belief that we’re beings of habits, complacency, and addictions. We find habits, we form too much complacency in the mundane and we become addicted to aspects of our habits and complacencies. Maybe I’m only speaking of myself, but I doubt that few who read this won’t identify.