struggle for more

I’m now in my 5th week of doing the program I’m stuck on week 3.

This is going into my third week for week 3. I can’t seem to do any better on column 3 than I did last week or the week before. I’m confused why this isn’t working as I’d hope. I push myself until I can’t push myself up anymore. I break the muscles as much as I’m comfortable breaking them. Yet, I seem to be making no progress.

This is a struggle for more.

I am starting to not look forward to doing them, but I always feel good once I finish. I hope I can keep changing my outcome. I’m frustrated.

EDIT 9/08: Getting past week 3 has been very difficult and I’m still struggling to complete the week successfully. I’ve hit my plateau a couple of times and even rested for a week in between. This is just frustrating!

I think the key to success for me is going to be a steady balance of on and off. This won’t take weeks, it will probably take months of balance.

the basics

I knew a challenge was the only way I’d force myself to work out. So far, so good.

I began a new program that works only only the upper body and I’m using it as a weight training to gain muscle mass. I don’t expect radical changes to my body nor do I expect to be ripped by the time I am done. I only expect results that are promised.

Hundred Pushups is a new challenge launched just months ago which guarantees by the end of the program you’ll be doing 100 pushups in six weeks. It requires around only 30 minutes a week and all your effort. That’s a program to which I can definitely commit.

My first week was a breeze. It starts out light for people who have little to no recent exercise experience. Pushing myself is difficult when you don’t know how to effectively push your limit. But, I go until I am stuck for more than a couple of seconds and can’t go anymore.

It wasn’t until the last set of my 2nd week that I began to realize this was about to get more difficult. On the first day of my third week (which was just a few hours ago), I felt as though there was a huge jump from last week to this week. I could not finish more than three sets before feeling completely physically drained. This might be because I either did not effectively push myself last week or because the jump from week 2 to week 3 was a little drastic. If I have to, I will repeat this week and make sure I perfect it.

Because I don’t think doing just pushups is enough, I’m actually supplementing this work out with pullups. I suck at pullups. I can’t do them for the life of me. But by the time I’m done with this pushup program, my goal is to do at least 15 normal chinups and 10 pullups. I’m already at four chinups and two pullups. I have a long way to go.