I absolutely LOVE to eat my Del Taco tacos, especially on Tuesday because I can eat three soft tacos for a buck! A whole meal generally can costs anywhere between $2-3 easily, though if I was hungry enough, I’m sure I could spend more. I think their soft tacos are superior to Taco Bell tacos anyday. It’s too bad that there wasn’t a Del Taco in Houston when I was growing up because they would have received more of my money than Taco Bell when I was hungry for fast food Mexican.

It turns out that my fast food habits are good, at least according to how unhealthy everything is. I’ve recently decided to not continue to eat as many french fries. I know how bad they are for me and will order a burger or two rather than burgers and fries. Well, after consulting a very interesting website about fast food facts, I found out that I’m only marginally eating better.

Sure, the point of eating fast food isn’t for health reasons; it’s for convenience and taste. But, my only argument to make for my reasoning would be that eating healthy(ier) is a lifestyle choice, not a diet decision. I’m not overweight and really do not want to be so I choose to watch what I eat. Every decision I make is going to help me with that. Until I find motivation to exercise more regularly, my eating habits are really gonna be the only factor in my weight.

Here are some more interesting food statistics sites: