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Author Micah Cambre


Goodbye Google Toolbar for Firefox. You hog too much memory. Hello Uppity and Autofill.

inline search for Internet Explorer

Trust me on this, once you install it, you will NEVER go back. It’s that amazing.

Inline search is a feature already included by default in Mozilla Firefox and should have been included in Internet Explorer 7. So, until they actually do include it, here the add-on to allow you to use it!

So what is inline search? What this allows you to do is to search through Internet Explorer in real-time. For instance, say you’re reading a very long website and need to search for a specific word, usually in IE you would use the regular Find function found under the Edit menu or by using the combination of ctrl-f keys. Inline search replaces that little pop-up window with a bar at the bottom of the browser page. What makes this new add-on so cool is that as you type in each other, it queries the whole page at once and finds the first instance of the letter and highlights it. As you continue typing letters it continues to refine the search until it finds the word that matches all the letters you typed in. And then you can quickly find any other instances of the word with the click of your enter button.

Inline search is MUCH more usable and user-friendly than the default find window that is included with IE. I HIGHLY recommend you download and start using this new add-on!

Go download Inline search now!

Firefox Reloaded

I’ve now been using Firefox for almost a year now. Let me continue to sing its praise for you people who aren’t using it. It’s an amazing browser, something that Microsoft needs to mimic in its new IE7 update coming later this or next year. So many awesome features, all without a lot of hassle. Let me give you the essential extensions that you must use with Firefox as well as additional features you won’t wanna miss!