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Author Micah Cambre

it’s april 2008!

My room is a total mess. Boxes on the floor, random items in random places, receipts, suitcase, and CDs in the spots I pushed them off to. I’m living like I’m too busy to take care of them, and that’s kinda true.

My website upgrade has so far been a nice success. I want to incorporate visual imagery somehow, but haven’t gotten that far. One of three biggest tasks, however, has been accomplished! My old comments are all imported and up! It was a task I had no idea how to do and I graciously received help from a friend back in Houston! Next, I hope to import posts and comment from 2002 and 2003, but that might take a while.

I recorded a new Footalk podcast so expect that in the next few days. I think it’s the best episode yet!

Speaking of audio, I’m kinda getting back on my feet with music. I’ve recorded a friend playing the piano and I’m going to do what I can to help out on a few songs. It’s a good way to get my feet wet and back into the swing of things. I’m glad I’m finally making progress because the frustration has definitely mounted and lingered.

Oh, while getting everything up and running for this site, I’m revisiting all my old post and tagging them! See that section at the bottom of this page which says “Tag Cloud”? That’s a way to quickly access certain posts based upon my keywords with which I tag them. It’s another form of getting my content out there quickly!

Finally, as I hope my melatonin will hurry up and kick in, I need to speed my site up a little. All the plugins and new code I’m using is having a negative effect. I have lots to do.

This is called planet unicorn. It’s hilarious!

footalk episode #1

It’s up! Download it.


my first podcast: Footalk

Footalk.netI don’t know why it took me so many years to finally do something like this, but I finally decided and made time to start a podcast. It’s called Footalk and I record it with an old coworker and friend Richard Herrera. We first toyed with the idea over dinner last month thinking it would be kind of fun. So, after getting my act together and purchasing what was needed, our first episode is up!

We both consider this a trial run to see if we get enough interest and downloads from the public and our adorning fans. So far, the little feed that we have gotten has been positive. Richard and I share one main thing in common: we’re web designers. We have a love for web standards and enjoy technology in general. The topics we covered in the first episode range from what the podcast is about, web design, conferences we want to or will attend, and a website pick to show you.

There’s plenty of ideas for us to cover and we don’t know where the podcast will go but if there’s enough interest and downloads, we’ll keep it going! So, if you’re bored for and have about 25 minutes you can waste, please download and support our brand new Podcast, Footalk.

Episode 0 (20MB mp3 format download)
Richard’s Footalk coverage