I’m about to enter a period of just over a week without any access to the Internet. Yikes! Thus, no activity here in Micah land.

Thought of the day:

While back in Houston, I work for a clinic with many different people. It’s nice to have this constant interaction with others and it usually helps keep my day more enjoyable. I get to walk around the building chatting with and poking fun with others while I’m doing my job and that helps the variation part of this job, which is great. I might not talk to everyone everyday, nor might I see everyone everyday, but I do always look forward to chatting with everyone when I get the chance.

The line of work that I have wanted to enter, specifically music editing, is one such that I wouldn’t get much human interaction most of my working day. I’ll be behind a console listening to music, editing music and film, and doing a lot of rather boring technical stuff (I’m more desiring it from a creative aspect). The other line of work that I’ve recently been doing, web design, requires much of the same. I’m sitting in front of a computer all day, designing and editing and coding. Again, a lot of boring technical stuff. If only I could figure out a way to combine both of these areas. Or think of something completely different that I would enjoy.