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Author Micah Cambre

march 2008

Here’s a month in reflection:

  • NYC is best spent with someone. I can’t go there alone again without an objective, someone by my side, and keeping myself busy.
  • I meet the occasional person who I wasn’t expecting. Once again, that happened. The challenge is to keep it up in the meantime.
  • Next time I get the flu, 3 days max. And, please, not right in the middle of a conference at which I really wanted to spend more time networking and enjoying myself.
  • Austin is a small town trying to feel like a big city, but it’s really a small city that acts like a large town. Keep Austin weird!
  • SXSWi is getting too big for its own good. It makes me wonder what to do about next year.
  • I need to learn how to balance spending time out with friends and making time for myself. I hate sacrificing the chance to see people but I need to spend the time alone that I know I need.
  • Each visit to Houston reminds me of two things: I’m glad I’m living somewhere else but I miss it just as much as always. It’s always bittersweet to go back and return from the city.
  • I let go of a bunch of stuff I’ve had in boxes for years. I didn’t get any time to go through and sort that which I wanted to keep from that which I didn’t want. Nevertheless, it had to happen. Parts of my past went up in smoke, literally.
  • I didn’t have any Easter candy until after Easter when it was all on sale. What a nice way to save money!

the worst timing for being sick

This is not how I expected my month to go.

I spent a week in Manhattan enjoying it with my brother and dad. We saw lots of old and new places. The problem is that by the end of the week, I somehow contracted a virus. It wasn’t a minor virus either, it’s now full blown attacking me.

I’m now in Austin having arrived yesterday evening. My flight from LaGuardia was delayed three times and I had to rebook a flight from Houston to Austin. After 12 hours of airports and airplanes, I spent about another hour on the bus system before arriving at my destination broken and tired. So instead of either going out with the SXSWi crews or even with the person I’m staying, I forced myself into bed hoping that sleep and relaxation would cure this ailment.


I need drugs. Badly!

I’ve already missed parties, I’m going to miss panels, and I might not even start participating until later today or tomorrow by the looks of it. Can I get a do over, please?

UPDATE 11:30am: Screw it, I’m at the conference. No more sacrifices for my health! ;-)

nyc in march

My flight was approximately 5 hours. I was awake for less than an hour of it. Perfect.

The best thing about being back in NYC? The excitement I feel about being in the hustle and bustle of such an amazing city.

The worst thing about being back in NYC? It’s March and it’s freezing cold. I didn’t bring a heavy jacket either.

the bittersweet serendipity

A few days ago, I found out an old colleague of mine was sent to Manhattan for a few days on a business trip. Knowing his disdain for all things New York, I gave him a quick suggestion for one of the best desserts you’d get anywhere.

After a couple of text messages back and forth over the next few hours, confirming that I didn’t send him to a restaurant which caters to only one sexual orientation, he takes heed on my suggestion. I then wanted confirmation that his dessert hit the spot.

… well, almost.

One day later, tragedy strikes. The unexpected, one terrible, disgusting report that I never expected:

USA Today reported that Serendipity3 was closed down on account of a failing health inspection. This is the day after I sent my former colleague to enjoy their dessert. The reason they closed? According to his reiteration of the problem:

and his follow-up response:

I was sooooo embarrassed and disgusted. I tried to assure him that what didn’t kill him only made him stronger but to no comfort. It was of little comfort that I made an honest mistake, but he knows of my embarrassment and sympathy.

Would I recommend this dessert again? Absolutely, but you might want to just order the mix and make it yourself!

This is, in every sense of the word irony, the worst case of “serendipity” I’ve ever been apart of.