Last year was life changing. This year will continue the ongoing struggle of personal success.
Last year took a big step and big chance. This year will see the beginning of my results.
Last year was my biggest year in romance I’ve had since the late 90s. This year I hope I’m too distracted for drama.
Last year marked ten years since high school graduation. This year begins a more productive decade beyond high school.
Last year I completed major goals to make big changes. This year I continue to make bigger changes.
Last year I met a bunch of new friends and, sadly, lost a few of them. This year I won’t let my losses hold me back but gain much more through my experience and memories.
Last year I made a small commitment to physical fitness. This year I shall pick up where I left off.
Last year I mostly left web design behind to others. This year it will fund my other opportunities in life.
Last year was the biggest year of my life. This year will only be bigger and better.