Upon doing some research about gaining muscle mass, I came across the Reference Daily Intake (RDI). Interestingly, I’ve never really thought much about it but now that I’m doing some weight training and exercising, I think it’s more important for me to know this kind of info.

Total Fat grams (g) 65 Saturated fatty acids grams (g) 20 Cholesterol milligrams (mg) 300Sodium milligrams (mg) 2400 Potassium milligrams (mg) 2000 Total carbohydrate grams (g) 300Fiber grams (g) 25Protein grams (g) 50

It’s based upon a 2000 calorie/day diet. This makes me wonder what kind of diet I have based upon this recommendation. What this intake reference doesn’t point out is how much or little exercise is assumed with this diet. Because I think blindly saying 2000 calories/day on with any exercise (even if that’s none day after day) is fallible. Not only that, but all humans have different metabolism rates. So to say that one fits all really isn’t a good practice. Hopefully people who use something like this don’t follow something like this strictly. Which also could explain why people who go on silly diets never lose weight.