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Author Micah Cambre

late night reading

I found an article just now that I believe has the best explanation of the whole copyright/music/mp3 discussion going on. It takes answers from two different people, a law professor at Stanford and a representative from the RIAA. Two different people with two different reasonings. As you read on, you realize how the law professor usually speaks from hard evidence whereas the RIAA rep is speaking out of more emotion and some facts.

It’ll take about 30 minutes so sit back, relax and educate yourself!

Copyright Conundrum

riaa joke

Foxtrot makes fun of the RIAA and their lawsuits

why does the RIAA hate everyone?

Recently, I went to a website where a guy is ready to take on the RIAA. Go support him in his cause because it’s extremely worthy.

Class-Action Lawsuit against RIAA

I updated my bookmarks recently to include a few more MP3 links as well as a coffee house that my friend Andrew more or less runs. Go support these causes in your own way!

I’m still frustrated for many reasons. Still haven’t started my mixing on my project yet. Hopefully tomorrow.

Less than two weeks until I return to Texas. That’s pretty exciting. So much to look forward to including Blue Bell Ice Cream as well as good mexican food.

And to conclude my post, guess what I bought two days ago? I went to Walgreens, saw that Easter candy was 75% off, and scored 41 Cadbury Creme Eggs for $5. I couldn’t resist. That’ll last my until Texas (unless I decide to be generous and give some to people which I might just do).