This has been a huge year for Houston sports, in fact all sports in general. In case anyone does or doesn’t keep up with it, I’ll restate what has happened in the last 365+ days for Houston sports.

Houston has
-signed Jeff Van Gundy as Rockets coach
-Texans become the first NFL expansion team to win two consecutive regular season openers (2003)
-traded Billy Wagner away from Astros
-signed Andy Pettite formerly of the NY Yankees
-RB Domanick Davis (Texans) is named NFL Rookie of the Year
-hosted the Superbowl
-signed Roger Clemens to the Astros team
-traded for Carlos Beltran to the Astros team
-traded away Steve Francis, Cuttino Mobley from Rockets for Tracy McGrady and Juwan Howard
-hosted the baseball all-star game
-fired Jimy Williams and hired Phil Garner as Astros coach

Who would have thought half of this would occur if you were asked about it a year ago?!!