I’m a huge fan of The Weather Channel. I always have been. I think there’s a part of me that’s attracted to the unpredictable nature of weather. I remember being really young and going through many tornado watches, thunderstorm warnings, hurricane watches, flash flood warnings, and so many other situations. Where was the first station our television was turned to in order to know what to expect? The Weather Channel.

These next 5 days are going to be some of the best days to tune into The Weather Channel. Not only do these meteorologists try their hardest to predict what we should expect, they will show you why and how everything happens the way it does.

I think the fascinating part of weather is the science that is used to explain everything. The upper level winds, the high level and low level pressure systems, all of that jargon that you and I barely understand. I’m a person of logic and reasoning, and The Weather Channel staff present very logical arguments and factual analysises; this keeps my attention and entertains me becausee I’m being educated!

For some excellent reality television, go to The Weather Channel and keep track of Hurricane Rita!