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Author Micah Cambre

music is life

I have never felt so interested to comment on another blog lately. Having read this latest post on Cameron Moll’s site, I can’t even begin to explain how similarly I feel.

Once upon a time, I was dreaming about becoming a music composition major. Specifically, I was interested in writing music for films. My musical inspirations, the same exact ones he listed, were and are a big part of my life musically. Knowing that I have it in me to do similar, I wanted so badly to gain that treasured title: composer.

However, life was not as I hoped.

I eventually found myself on the path that has lead to where I am today. I have absolutely no regrets or complaints about the cards I’ve been dealt in life. I like to think I’ll still compose music for films someday. But back then, the timing wasn’t right, and I wasn’t qualified. Maybe some day.

This is exactly how I feel about going back to music composition. I’ve enjoyed my career as a web designer. I feel passionate about design, even if I’m not at the highest level of quality in my designs. Web design is and will always be a part of my life.

Music, however, has been and still is a huge part of my life. I even think music IS life. Without it, I don’t know who I would be. It is my inspiration, my motivation, the reason I smile, the reason I’m sad, it stimulates and touches me. I use it to enhance my life in times of joy and times of sorrow.

Recently, although not lately, I have finally begun a new journey back into music. I’m not sure where this journey shall lead, or if it shall produce the results I intend. I’m writing music with a friend, who is just as musical as I am. We intend to see how this turns out, what our music shall do. We don’t know what kind of success we could have, but I know this is important to both of us.

My dream for music composition is once again a reality, but not the reality I sought so long ago. I cannot wait to see where this venture goes. It’s a big reason I am still in LA today, maybe the main reason.

the years of my life

When I take such long absences from posting on my website, I get lost for words. So much happens in a month and to try and summarize everything, sentences flowing nicely from event to event, can be arduous. It is then that the random nature of my thoughts is all I have to go on.

My month started with a short, somewhat unpleasant trip to San Diego. The best part was going to Seaworld for the first time. The worst was not enjoying myself and getting too little sleep. It’s because of experiences like this that you must re-evaluate your priorities and desires in life. But luckily, I caught up on sleep and will try to trust my gut more often.

I’ve started a huge project at work that has kept me constantly busy as I continually try to play catch up, rewriting code after code. You’d think I would be further along than I am but one thing leads to another. And I’ve had a much better month than August and July. When my site is finally redesigned, I’ll let you take a peek at it. Although, it’s rather technical and not so exciting. Oh, and it’s been just over six months since I joined this company. My, how time flies.

In less than two weeks, I shall mark my return to one of my favorite destinations: NYC. I’m going to spend five and a half days there enjoying the city, catching up with the bro, and meeting new people. I have no plans and hope to have as much fun as I possibly can in a great big city. My last visit to Manhattan was November of 2003. It has been much too long since that visit and I hope my next visit back doesn’t take me another three years. Who knows… Maybe soon in the future I’ll be spending week after week there for a while.

I have almost certainly finished most of my major freelance web design work. That’s a very good feeling as it’s been looming in the background since I began working full-time. This is also great because I can now get out there and start pursuing other things which make me happy, such as music and traveling. Being a full-time and freelance designer for almost all the time I’m awake during the day has burnt me out on web design. I enjoy the art behind it, I enjoy learning new methods and putting new puzzles together, but I am very tired of doing this day after day. I’ve lost a little of the passion. Which is why I think pursuing other things I enjoy during my freetime will help me regain the passion for it as well as build others.

This is the first weekend in a very long time where I felt like I’ve had so much time to myself. It is such a nice feeling to not feel pressured by projects that need to be done. However, I don’t want to get TOO comfortable because I need to stimulate myself with my freetime looking for new, cool opportunities. Time to get myself out there again. And maybe now I can finally get something going with all of this musical talent that I supposedly have.

Since my last post about working out more regularly, I’m proud to say that I’ve been fairly consistent over the past month. I jog no less than 3 times a week as well as life weights 3-4 times a week. It’s not like you can really see any results but I know I feel better because of it. However, my legs and knees are starting to feel a little on the bad side of this. So I need to be careful about what I’m doing. Time to start considering joining a gym.

Friday night was a great night. I went to CBS studios for the first time ever and was able to see a few studios. The foremost studio that I walked on was the Price is Right set! That was really cool since I’ve grown up watching it. But it’s always true what they say about TV adding weight. That studio is TINY. The stage is tiny. Everything was so small. And, actually being on stage where Bob Barker does his thing was really awesome. The other studios I visited were Bold and the Beautiful, Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, and Tyra Banks. Tyra’s studio is exactly as you would imagine… made for a diva. It is HUGE. It’s great knowing the right people!

These really are the greatest years of my life. And I truly believe it’s only going to get better from here.

on my mind…

So the main thing that has been on my mind for the past couple of months is the Internet and my web design. I constantly think about how I can improve certain webpages and desire for the opportunity to create new ones. Even as I’m trying to find jobs in the entertainment industry, web design keeps coming to the forefront of my mind. Ugh, sometimes I wish I had a different life.

I want to continue my web design education. I want to also learn more of how to mix soundtracks for movies. (and now hypothetically speaking…) In my free time, I would be going out to different areas to take photographs for my own pleasure; taking vacations for a few days or weeks at a time to visit remote places for a refresh in my interests. I would have the opportunity to use my nice, expensive digital SLR to capture still life and landscapes. I could indulge myself in different cultures around the world to see how others live and experience life through a foreign lifestyle. I would still give myself to local missions every year helping people improve their day to day life. I would use a lot of my fortune to fund research on the ears and hearing, and finding a cure for tinnitus. If I could go back to school and continue to learn more about web design, audio sweetening for movies and photography, I think I’d be in heaven. When I had the opportunity, I’d probably take an acting class to learn the basics of professional acting techniques and submit my headshot and portfolio to casting calls and agencies for employment. Family and friends would be thrilled to see me roaming on their televisions or on the big screen at the local cinema. And then, I would be wealthy enough to start helping others who were in my situation to do what they want, to live their passions.

I think it’s time to start making some new goals. I’m gonna continue what I’m doing but I also need to think of other ways to do accomplish the above. It’s certainly not impossible, but it’s gonna take a lot more work. And the sad thing is that I love to do nothing–my laziness. Who wants to fight this for me?!