I’ve had plenty to write, no patience to sit down, and very little time. So, here’s a week in review.

  • Monday: work as usual
  • Tuesday: more work
  • Wednesday: job interview. Yes, I had a job interview. I won’t name any names nor give much detail. I will say this. It’s for a full-time job with a big corporation. Yes, you heard right! I’m a little apprehensive. Part of me really wants the job if the conditions are right, such as salary (I might not have asked for enough! D’oh!), but I had a great time meeting the potential boss and hope to keep in touch with at least that person. I then met a friend for lunch. As always, good times ensued.
  • Thursday: Drove to Monterey for the weekend. Watched Equilibrium. Good movie, slow start, nice finish. Very Matrix-esque.
  • Friday: Went to Chinatown, San Francisco! Love that city. Way too much walking, but I found my favorite gummy candy!
  • Saturday: Saw Unleashed. Go see it. I highly recommend it! Also watched a few other movies.

And now I drive home. I can’t believe that I’m already back in Houston in a few days. Seems like yesterday. Still, I can’t believe I’m going to be gone for 5 weeks. Feels like too long. And might put my chances for the new job in jeoprady, which kinda sucks.