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Author Micah Cambre

Google Toolbar

Even though I don’t use Internet Explorer, I’ve installed the latest Google Toolbar version 6 because of the quick search box. So much better at starting programs than Start Menu or Search box in Vista/Win7.
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Windows OS X

I will soon post an entry describing my personal annoyances about OSX and what bugs me about the way it works. Until then, I give you a link to show the killer app. It’s called Parallels with a mode called Coherence. This is it; once the bugs are worked out, you can now seamlessly run Windows in OSX and have two side by side. That’s what all people have been looking for.

Honestly, I’m excited about this. If I am able to afford it, I am now considering the Macbook Pro only because of my desire to do audio editing with software like Pro Tools. I’ve always had a desire to do that anyway, but with Parallels being able to run Windows apps and OSX apps side by side, that gives me the ultimate setup.

So now I wanna know, why hasn’t anyone figured out how to do the opposite? I love knowing this is now available (even if it is still a little buggy) but I prefer the functionality of Windows over OSX.

why windows activation does not work

Rummaging through my daily tech sites like I usually do on a daily basis, I came across this. As I quote the Inquirer, “Microsoft said it would sell Windows XP and Office at a piffling $36 a PC . . . (and) also removed the need for product activation for Windows XP in Thailand, at the government’s request.” Say what?!!

I think it is cheap and two faced for a big corporation like Microsoft to sell its software for such a cheap discount to another country because they (another country) acted like a big baby. Furthermore, why won’t they do this for us? Why should I shell out $150+ for some software that will cost a fraction of the dollar overseas!! It’s time for me to take a business trip to Thailand and get some hookups!

No jobs yet for me. I am waiting to hear from two people over the weekend and through Monday.