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Author Micah Cambre

How does WordPress not have a feature or even a plugin to allow comments sorting?

WordPress 2.5 against MovableType 4.1

Wordpress logoWhen I decided to try a weblog so many years ago, I had no idea where to start or what to do. I started out with a couple of years on a no name system before falling in love with Movable Type in 2004.

Movable Type became my CMS and was solid. It appeared to be superior in development and features compared to its rivals. They later changed their business plan and charged for their blogging system. I think the community was offended and I noticed less support and praise. Suddenly, out of nowhere, comes open source platform WordPress.

WordPress had a quite a buzz. When I first tried it out in versions 1.5, I was impressed. However, with all the upgrade and plug-in problems, I decided it wasn’t worth it for me to switch from Movable Type. I was happy with what I had, knowing I had a growing problem.

To end a long story with a short ending, I integrated Movable Type’s lackluster commenting system with the power behind phpBB. This served me wonderfully until my web host decided to screw me over a few years ago and shut down. Setting Movable Type back up and reintegrating it was a nightmare; it was an ongoing mess.

Fast forward: Movable Type 4.1 released itself as open source, WordPress 2.5 was released. As I’m a huge fan of Happy Cog and their products, I knew 2.5 would be an amazing update to WordPress’ admin system. Indeed, it was enough. MT 4.1 was an amazing update, but its anemic community and lack of interest was enough to drive me away. Not permanently, however.

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screw blog software

I’ve made the switch to WordPress. I’ll talk about it in the next couple of days. All I can say is it’s infinitely easier than MovableType. No more major stress over my website! I am losing a bunch of comments that live in my phpBB forum, and I’m not even about to try and figure out how to transfer them. Anyone up for it? There’s money involved!

I’m sure there’s some broken mess all over the place, and I am not sure whether or not I’ll keep this new layout, but I’ll slowly figure it all out. I had a layout in development that I might refer to and integrate into this, but it depends on how much time I want to commit amongst the billion other things I have going on