One of the most interesting articles or posts to read is what other people use, for things like traveling, photography and computing.

I’m an impressionable sucker; reading about interesting people’s recommendations will sway me.

Here, be swayed.



  • I prefer the front-end. HTML, CSS, Sass, JS, jQuery, ES6+, React.js, Node.js, NPM, Webpack, Gulp, PHP7, PWA, Accessibility, Performance, WordPress, Bootstrap. I’ve written more extensively about what I know and don’t know as a developer
  • A modern front-end workflow starts CSS Variables and CSS Grid Display, then Flexbox, SVGs, your preferred server-side rendering language with client-side JS. Then optimize to paint starting <3 seconds.
  • Sublime Text 3 – This editor is solid, these are my settings and packages. I’ve flirted on and off with…
  • Visual Studio Code since summer 2017 but I cannot find the right combination of extensions or shortcuts to beat ST3
  • When I’m on Windows, I might two-time with Notepad++ only because of built-in visual SFTP. It is my throwback to Dreamweaver/Homesite/FrontPage days of live-editing sites like WordPress. Yeah, we now live in the future, but I still live edit existing WordPress sites occasionally. Sue me.
  • WordPress is my jam.
    Roots is my preferred WordPress dev environment.
    _s is my practical starter theme.
    Pinnacle is my free, quick, and dirty all-in-one theme.
  • I forked the Sage theme into Sage Starter as a static project starter, which requires Node.js, NPM, Gulp, and Bower. You’ll see many of my favorite NPM plugins such as BrowserSync and Autoprefixer.
  • I learned to write HTML, CSS, and JS on my own since 1997, assisted by A List Apart, Smashing Magazine, CSS Tricks, Codepen, Wes Bos,,,, Tyler McGinnis, and Dmitry Soshnikov among many others


Firefox and Chrome (although that will change). Open up Safari, Opera, and Edge as needed. I play with Chrome Canary, Vivaldi and Firefox Dev Edition. Brave is interesting. Tor Browser for privacy. IE11 only for occasional dev work.


  • Read Ask me questions if anything confuses you.
  • Stop using Google as your primary search engine. Use DuckDuckGo. Bang your way to when DDG fails or back to Google when necessary.
  • Mullvad – Virtual Private Networks are necessary. Mullvad is the best and easiest VPN I’ve used and released as open source software. Payment is in Euro instead of Dollars. I use VPNs on most devices at most times.
  • Wireguard is the best VPN client out there, better than OpenVPN.
  • All photos made with Photoshop and Lightroom, a few with Aurora HDR or Luminar.
  • I try to use Open Source Software when possible.
    • I’ve been faithful to VLC for more than a decade. It just works.
    • Wox is an amazing clone of Spotlight on Mac
    • LibreOffice is most things that Office is
  • is a Twitter scrape of popular links. More liberal leaning, still interesting
  • and for news, left and right
  • Less social media, more It’s time.

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