como esta?

I just realized after seeing the front of my webpage that I haven’t updated it very well in the past few months. My posts have been far and in between. I’ve had so much going on that it’s difficult to make time to write on here. Hopefully I can make many new comments this week before my 3 week vacation. I’ll talk about that another time.

I got back from UM ARMY this week up in Ft. Worth. As always, it was fun and nice to help people to help people. I was on the programs staff to entertain all of the kids at the camp. Comparing this camp to last year, it went much more smoothly. I think I’m finally starting to get the hang of it after all these years!

This is crunch week for me as I try to finish my CD and send the copy up to Boulder for it to get replicated. That’ll be a huge task off my shoulders once it is all done! I really wish I could make some money this week for my trip but the CD is my priority. For my first huge project ever, this CD really is starting to come along. Once everything is completed, I might be able to post one of the songs online for everyone to download, but I’ll have to clear it with a few people first.

learning curves suck!!!

Mixing this CD has been a huge stress for me. I’ve had almost no time to mix compared to what I would have liked. What is really making this project difficult for me is that I’m still new to the mixing scene. I just finished a preliminary copy of all the songs. So I went to my oven warm car for about 15-20 minutes listening to the songs. Through all that toil and sweat, I found only about 4 of the songs were good enough to leave alone. They aren’t the best, but they aren’t horrible either. The rest have way too much compression, meaning it sounds like someone is putting a filter in front of everyone’s mouth at times. Same with the instruments.

I have tonight to get the rest of this done before I leave for UM ARMY in Ft. Worth tomorrow. Although I’m looking forward to the camp, I wish I knew that everything would be turning out this way and I would have used time management better. Even still, my knowledge of the how to is against me.

So, on the good side of this whole thing, I’m almost done! It’s going to sound wonderful and everyone who reads this sentence is by default required to dig down in their wallets and bank accounts to support the ministry and buy a CD. How many chances will you have to own a real CD that I produced?! That’s what I thought!

I am gonna get back to the project. I hope I get some sleep tonight because that drive to Ft. Worth is going to take a while!!

I’ll be out of contact for the next week and few days so if you miss me, I miss you too.

option no more

I was saddened to find out that there are no internship opportunities available at Skywalker Sound studios. It’s really sad because that would have been my priority!

My summer is going to get really fun before crunch time. I don’t have many options, maybe one or two at most. That’s a little scary!

Time to try to mix some more.

late night reading

I found an article just now that I believe has the best explanation of the whole copyright/music/mp3 discussion going on. It takes answers from two different people, a law professor at Stanford and a representative from the RIAA. Two different people with two different reasonings. As you read on, you realize how the law professor usually speaks from hard evidence whereas the RIAA rep is speaking out of more emotion and some facts.

It’ll take about 30 minutes so sit back, relax and educate yourself!

Copyright Conundrum

riaa joke

Foxtrot makes fun of the RIAA and their lawsuits

no sense of normalcy

I am living in another house. 3rd house in 4 weeks. It’s my second of 3 moves I will be making this summer. I have about 2 weeks to finish my CD mix and it’s been so slow because of all my stress-filled moving. And I work tomorrow. Give me more time!!

What am I doing next year? ::Insert Here::

I think I’ll make a change to my webpage before I leave for the roadtrip. Change is good.


I have spent many hours tonight worrying. I went online to search graduate schools. Found nothing. Went to look for jobs. Nothing. I am rapidly worrying more about what is to come. I missed a season finale show that I’ve been waiting to see for a year. I just missed it by 15 minutes. ARG! I was so blind to my worry that I forgot about now. I should know better than that.

It’s really frustrating not knowing where I’ll be in a few months. The more I talk to people and all the exciting things they will be doing, the more stress I feel. Having to move at least once more this summer is also stressing me. Moving right now is stressing me. Trying to find time to make money is stressing me. Trying to continue mixing a VERY important CD is stressful. I hope I can find a lot of professionals to listen and comment to my project.

stress and candy

I’ve had mexican food and ice cream 4 out of the last 5 days. What’s a better way to start out the summer? Gringo’s – Awesome food and free ice cream!

I’m getting really stressed out because I have so much to do with this CD but I have to spend the majority of my time moving and packing my stuff. I’d really like for the CD to sound professionally done but I have SO much to do between now and the time I need it finished. My main desire is to have at least 5 professionals sit down and listen to the tracks for their comments and help. This way I’ll know if I’m on the right track.

I added more links to my mp3 research section. Check them out when you have time. It’s interesting where the whole digital copyright movement is now. I’m still in support of mp3s and hope that the RIAA catches on and gives up their fight. They like to alienate more people than help.

Approximately one month until I leave for our roadtrip. We shall be travelling for about 3 weeks all across the western United States and up to Vancouver. It’ll be nice to be out on the road, nothing to worry about and just taking it easy. I think everyone who can afford it needs to take a break from life like this, just go out away from everyone with a good friend or two and spend time learning about life in general. It can be going away to college, taking a vacation, or taking a little trip for a few hours away from home.

Oh, and before I forget, GO see Bruce Almighty!!! Every now and then, everyone needs to laugh so hard that they start crying. This movie did it for me. I came into this movie with two expectations. I knew Jim Carrey would overact his sillyness, and he did just that. But I expected it to be funny, and it was really funny. The part you should keep in mind is a part where the guy is behind a desk making funny faces. What a wonderful, humorous movie with a good message!

As much as I’m not looking forward to this, I need to get back to packing.