it’s time

Last night, I went to a very unexpected, last minute going away party for a dear friend of mine. She called me up yesterday morning and left a message.

“Hey Micah, guess what? I’m shipping out tomorrow! So you gotta come to the party I’m having tonight. I’m so excited!!”

It was really happening; she is leaving today for the Navy boot camp, something that originally wasn’t supposed to happen until November. But a last minute opening allowed her the option to leave immediately. The decision was a no-brainer for her.

I could tell there was a huge amount of excitement as much as there was some fear. It’s a huge change; nothing will be the same in a few weeks. I’m very excited for her but I will wonder how she’s coping to this change because it’s so much so quickly.

And so as of this very moment, I, too, know the feeling. This morning, just a little while ago, I called up the HR person for a company in Santa Monica and told them I would accept a job offer as a web designer. That’s right, people, I am about to experience a complete change in lifestyle.

I’m really excited for so many reasons, but really afraid for so many others. The corporate lifestyle is not one that I’ve wanted to embrace. I’m just not much of a 9-5 person. I have always enjoyed having my own hours for so many years, doing things as I please. I’ve been blessed enough to travel a lot in the past few years, including back home to Texas to visit with everyone. But, as life’s responsibilities have increasingly continued to nip me in the ass, I realize that this is probably the next best change for me.

I am excited to be working with the web team. They seem like great people, the projects we’ll be working on sound like they’ll be a just my kind of thing, and I’m sure I’ll meet a lot of great people. I’m getting a pretty nice starting salary as well as some great benefits (at least according to many other corporate jobs, this really sounds like it’s a winner). And best of all, the beach is right across the street! :o)

I believe the best is yet to come! I’ve had some fun rides in the past few years, I have been to many wonderful, really fun places around the US and world, but now is time to provide myself the means and opportunity to make the rest of my dreams come true. Don’t be a stranger, because I see a lot of really fun and interesting changes coming my way and you’ll wanna read all about them!

announcement soon

Something big has happened to me recently. Something life changing. I won’t reveal anything until I make a decision, but it’s likely to impact my immediate and long term future. It’s exciting and scary all at the same time, but I’m still deciding on what to do. Details shall come no later than Thursday.

Tigger and Piglet

Tigger and PigletA little part of me is sad right now. I just read that the voice of Tigger has died. And now I find out that the voice of Piglet died a day later! Winnie the Pooh has always been one of those consistently good cartoons, quality programs that Disney has given children for so many years. Now, the voices of Tigger and Piglet are gone! I wonder if this means they’ll revoice them or what? Or, are they even still making new Winnie the Pooh cartoons? If they do revoice them, there better be almost no difference between the old and new. Either way, that voice will be missed by many!

Back, Front, Side to Side

I wish I weren’t so bad about writing in this thing, but sometimes I’m just waiting for something special to happen. Other times I can’t think of what to say. And much of the time, it has to do with laziness. I just can’t motivate myself to sit myself here and write. It’s not like this a diary for me and only me cause I’m sure I could just sit and write a lot more. In fact, I sorta had a personal journal in high school (others might call it a diary… whatever). I kept up with it for I think three years or so before I just got sick of writing, which is sorta tragic because I know it improved my thought process. Hopefully I can continue on a semi-regular basis with this blog because I see a really busy time heading my way with what’s on the horizon!

It’s been just over a day since I left Houston and made my way back to LA. It was initially weird to go into the house and go into my room. I felt like I was back to another, completely different life. But, I eventually felt more comfortable. I guess the worst part was starving last night and today because I had no food except oatmeal and Ramen noodles left. So I went out a little today to get some groceries and plan to do the same the next few days. I also have some important phone calls to make regarding jobs as well as finishing up some projects I’ve been delaying. All by the end of the week if I can.

So anyway, Houston was a very nice time. It was such a pleasure seeing all the friends and family once again, if only I could make my visits a regular 6 month thing. I don’t, however, think this trend is going to be able to continue much longer for so many reasons I won’t go into. But, I’m sure I’ll be back before I know it!

And to all you ladies at CLFP, I had a great time as usual playing with you when I “was working”. Well, I shouldn’t put that in quotes because I swear that I really was working, it just seemed like all I did was go to the back with the computers, type and stare at a computer for a few minutes, then make my way to another room. Almost pseudo-work looking like I kept busy. But, little do all of you ladies know exactly what I did, which is exactly the point of my job there! The only thing that I must do sometime in the next few months, hopefully before summer ends, is to send a postcard to you, Dawn. You asked for it, I delivered once and failed once. I shall not fail again! Oh, and if any of the rest of you have any more computer questions and problems, I do have some info on my website that would be very valuable to you, and I also have e-mail so drop me a line. I won’t actually write it on here, but it’s my first name at asuh dot com. Comment me all you want, but if you decide to e-mail me, DO NOT E-MAIL ME from your normal PC at work. Get your ass up, walk over to the Mail PC, and do it from there. When I come back, I’ll check the logs to make sure you listened to me or I’ll bust your ass down so fast…

Okay, enough of my message to all those crazy people (not literally, you crazy people, figuratively). I had a great time meeting up with everyone else I was able to get ahold of and always look forward to seeing other Houstonian peoples. And if you read this, are from the Houston area and didn’t know I was in town or didn’t hear from me, it’s because I was way too busy or don’t like you, whichever is more convenient. :o)

Oh, one last thing, I’m gonna know the location of any new comments to this thread, so no one is safe! I know how to trace everything. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

all shook up

go figure. i am in texas for a month and i miss my first earthquake. not that i’m complaining either.

just sitting here thinking back

My high school reunion is only a couple of years away. This reminds me that I started high school 12 years ago. And I started junior high 14 years ago. And elementary… an eternity ago.

I don’t remember much about my first day of elementary school. I do, however, remember going to class with my mother. We all had to stand in a very long line with other classmates and their mothers and I guess we were giving some papers to the teacher as well as meeting her. I’m sure I was probably scared a little since it was all new to me, but I quickly adapted.

Junior high was different, however, because I had only moved to Houston a year before. In fact, it wasn’t junior high, it was called intermediate school and it started in 7th grade and ended after 8th. Still, I do not remember actually starting intermediate school on the very first day. Probably because there was so much to take in. I had to learn how to get from one class to another whereas elementary was mostly sitting in just one or two classes all day long with the same people. What I should recall pretty easily is my first day of sixth grade, because we had just moved to town that previous summer. Sitting here thinking about it continues to draw me a blank.

High school was once again more complicated. I had been on a scout jamboree to Washington DC and Virginia for a couple of weeks and I was pretty much the only one late to summer band camp for marching practice that August. But it was another big change from intermediate to high school. Bigger building, more kids, everyone’s older than me.

Sometimes these memories seem only months or years back. But, I realize that time is fading a lot of these memories away. New experiences, new first days on the job, new interactions with people, they all continue to fill my mind leaving many other memories out in the dust.

It’s this thought that makes me realize that I need to try and make the most of every day. To actively make memories.

When I was at a band competition my freshman year, we were competing to go to state at the semi-regional finals. We did really well, everyone was pumped, and we were all just sitting in the stands waiting for the results. I was not really hanging out with too many people, so I went down to the bottom of the stands and looked around. Curious, I walked up the stairs towards the announcer’s box to see what was going on. Just a few people chatting with each other. I then remember looking back at my classmates all just playing around, chatting with each other and enjoying themselves as well all nervously waited the results.

Minutes later, the voice of the announcer began. One by one, the top bands were named, cheers, and then repeated each time. I had a feeling about our chance, and I actively stood there watching all of my classmates as they announced our name in first place. What a feeling to know that we were going to state; but what made me feel even better was everyone else cheering and hugging each other. Watching the celebration from the outside brought me so much pleasure. Sorta like I had a hand in the decision and could see how everyone else felt. I’ve always been different like that, stepping in the background to see the reactions. But it’s these memories that stick with me many years after they happen.

Take time out of your day, think about something that makes you happy, and remember that you’re alive. Our experiences and memories are all we have in the end.

living the lives

One week and counting. This has been a lot of fun being back in Houston for so long. Seeing people, doing lots of great things. It’s non-stop. But, I’m a little ready for my own personal computer and getting back to some kind of normalcy for what I’m used to. Besides, I have so many different articles that I need to read, and right now just don’t have much time to sit down and read them, so my daily blog browsing is way backed up. Going out of town for over a week can do that to you.

I feel like sometimes I’m living two different lives. I have one in Houston and a really different one in LA. In fact, I could probably claim living in Denver for two years was my third life. Each have their good and bad sides, and I’d love to at one time down the road return to each as a different person. But at present, I feel like the most potential for me being happy is to live the life I’ve started in LA. There’s a lot of really crazy potential just waiting to be pushed out of me, and I hope I can find outlets to release this ambition. I always seem to continue to struggle with this on a monthly basis, but I know that in the meantime I’m having a ball.

Time for breakfast.

the drawn curtains

I’m about to enter a period of just over a week without any access to the Internet. Yikes! Thus, no activity here in Micah land.

Thought of the day:

While back in Houston, I work for a clinic with many different people. It’s nice to have this constant interaction with others and it usually helps keep my day more enjoyable. I get to walk around the building chatting with and poking fun with others while I’m doing my job and that helps the variation part of this job, which is great. I might not talk to everyone everyday, nor might I see everyone everyday, but I do always look forward to chatting with everyone when I get the chance.

The line of work that I have wanted to enter, specifically music editing, is one such that I wouldn’t get much human interaction most of my working day. I’ll be behind a console listening to music, editing music and film, and doing a lot of rather boring technical stuff (I’m more desiring it from a creative aspect). The other line of work that I’ve recently been doing, web design, requires much of the same. I’m sitting in front of a computer all day, designing and editing and coding. Again, a lot of boring technical stuff. If only I could figure out a way to combine both of these areas. Or think of something completely different that I would enjoy.