One week and counting. This has been a lot of fun being back in Houston for so long. Seeing people, doing lots of great things. It’s non-stop. But, I’m a little ready for my own personal computer and getting back to some kind of normalcy for what I’m used to. Besides, I have so many different articles that I need to read, and right now just don’t have much time to sit down and read them, so my daily blog browsing is way backed up. Going out of town for over a week can do that to you.

I feel like sometimes I’m living two different lives. I have one in Houston and a really different one in LA. In fact, I could probably claim living in Denver for two years was my third life. Each have their good and bad sides, and I’d love to at one time down the road return to each as a different person. But at present, I feel like the most potential for me being happy is to live the life I’ve started in LA. There’s a lot of really crazy potential just waiting to be pushed out of me, and I hope I can find outlets to release this ambition. I always seem to continue to struggle with this on a monthly basis, but I know that in the meantime I’m having a ball.

Time for breakfast.