I’ve never really addressed this before but I guess now is as good a time as any. What I own and maintain here at asuh.com is called a blog. What exactly is a blog?

Blog is a short abbreviated word otherwise known as weblog. It’s like saying bike instead of bicycle or cell instead of cell phone. I own a domain name with some web space from a web provider where I keep my blog.

A blog is a journal, a collection of thoughts, or a record of personal experiences or reflections expressed with links to other websites. Blogs survive by linking to other website’s content. Communities have formed around the idea of blogging. More websites every year are formed to supply the growing demand of owning/creating/using a weblog. This phenomenon is still mostly underground but is soon to rise in the public eye in the next few years.

To each blog user, blogging has its own meaning.

A blog is a diary where he or she can express his or her personal thoughts and feelings. A blog is another means of communication, a way to spread an agenda. A blog means a source of information or accountability. There are too many ways to describe a blog on here but you get the picture.

I decided to start blogging back in October of 2002 after viewing Andrea’s website a few times. I knew it was a great way to keep others informed of my being and happenings as it was just as enjoyable to me to know what is and was happening with her. I was appealed to read her site because I personally know her and enjoy what she has to say. Not everyone will read my site because it has only a certain value to certain people. Thus, my site really hasn’t taken on much of a life because of lack of design and purpose… until now.

I am more than 1500 miles away from most everyone I know and this website is gonna be the greatest and best way for me to update everyone and keep in touch with personal experiences and thoughts. I don’t plan on this becoming a diary where my very personal thoughts are expressed because I’d like to keep it semi-public. However, I shall give my thoughts and feelings about many subjects as well as insights to experiences and daily happenings. I have no specific agenda to relay nor do I really want one. I find this purely entertaining and fun. I will promote those things which I enjoy or by which I am intrigued. I won’t use this to bad mouth anyone personally because I firmly believe that all problems should be solved actively rather than passively.

I hope that more people I know are able to start their own weblog in the future. However, I surely wouldn’t want everyone to have one. Blogging is very time consuming and survival is dependant on continual updating and adaptability. Blogging is here for those who wish to broadcast to others but it requires a certain writing ability, one which I sometimes lack but decide to use anyway. If there is anyone who wants a blog, feel free to contact me and I’ll do what I can to help you.