Here are a few things comments to make about this hurricane.

  1. Gas prices are going to go up again. There will be some fear on the stock market so the price of gas is going to rise above $70 a barrel. Between Louisana and Texas, this is probably anywhere between 10-20% of oil producation for the US. Losing this amount of production again could be catastrophic for gas prices.
  2. Houston has a HUGE economy in the energy companies. This hurricane is now projected to hit almost dead on target of Houston, but probably just west. This is still, however, going to negatively affect Houston for a while. Just about any energy based technology is going to go up in price, some drastically.
  3. Because the winds have reached over 175 MPH and it’s a category 5 hurricane, it’s very likely that as the hurricane weakens when it hits the shores it won’t weaken below a category 4.
  4. There will be much less human casualities than were in New Orleans. I’ve already talked to so many people today and most of them had already left their homes. The freeway systems, which are much easier to navigate than the LA freeways, were jammed pack going north on almost every road.
  5. This hurricane is quickly on track to become the most powerful hurricane, ever, on record. It’s currently at number 3 as of 10:30 PST. To get expert analysis on what to expect, go here as the hurricane moves closer on land.
  6. You can also visit Houston Chronicle’s Rita coverage page for some great local coverage.
  7. Same with Wikipedia’s frequently updated page.
  8. Feel free to visit my website as well for personal comments.

This thing is likely to hit my home. Where I came from. It has officially become personal.