This has been a long day. 20+ hours and counting. This is the kind of travel that completely wears me out, and usually I don’t get too worn out from flying. But waking up before the world and spending half the day on the airplane can wear me down.

Two months of traveling and making memories has impacted me. I really am enjoying my ambitiousness, and I hope this continues because I’m hungry for personal fulfillment.

So, as I always recommend to others, I’m going to make a list. This is how I hope 2007 progresses:

  • less television – Time management and discipline will help me out in this area. I literally have to give myself no time to watch much TV.
  • exercise – I had a really good thing going before I quit my job, working out an average of 45 minutes a day for 3 to 5 days a week. I’ve put on a little weight in my stomach since being away for so long and now it’s time to reverse that and continue some weight training. Maybe I should consider joining another local gym.
  • web design – I’m burnt out with web design. Having done it full-time for 2 straight years, I’m kinda sick of doing it non-stop. But, this summer, it is still paying the bills for me. I have other ambitions to take on, so I must be very diligent about keeping my priorities straight. And I can’t sacrifice my web design business, but continue to help flourish it.
  • music – It’s time. For so long, my friends and family have always wondered when I was going to give music a shot. I don’t see myself performing as a career, but you know what? I’ve never really given it a fair shot. No more.
  • money – I had a really good system. It was completely automated so I never had to think about it. Money goes to savings; Money goes to retirement. Done and done. But now that I’m freelancing it, now that my money is irregular, this becomes extremely more difficult. I must work on what I have to make for what I desire.
  • giving back – I know I could have done so much better last year with donations. I gave to a couple of charities but definitely not enough. I knew that if I gave too much, I wouldn’t have enough when I quit my job. But I can’t keep living like that. Life is short. I hope to find some Habitat for Humanities or other organization to which I can volunteer. I feel the need to give back.
  • photography – If you’ve been to my photos link, you’ll see that I’ve recently been photographing a lot more than I usually do. This trip was kinda like a spark that lit a fire. Now I hope to get some new lenses. It’s such a fun hobby and I’m not too bad. It’s past time that I finally get a little more serious about it. I have a good eye, just as I have a good ear.
  • relationships – My biggest lack here is that I don’t have friends like I do at home. I have some really wonderful friends here, but I’ve never felt the same connection with these people because of the lack of a history. I hope that I can find some more buddies to bond with and meaningful relationships with people whom I already know. Overcoming shyness stresses me out. As for my romantic relationships, I don’t expect much. I’m enjoying my single life but I’m open to find her if she comes along. I have already met some amazing ladies this year but nothing that worked out sadly.
  • read more books – I almost can’t believe I’m saying this because of my past history with the written word, but I am feeling much more of an urge to read books. I do read a lot, but most of it is online on blogs or websites and it’s usually educating myself on some technical web design issues, seeing the latest gossip on celebrities, or digging the latest tech news. There are a lot of great books out there that I haven’t read yet. It’s time to get back into it.
  • practice my writing – I’ve kinda avoided writing on this website and when I do, it’s not always up to par. If I’m ever going to become a better writer, I must practice. Thus, it’s time I wrote more regularly.

I’m very ambitious, aren’t I? July is the new January. This is my July resolution!