my mail was stolen

This isn’t a good way to start the new year. I had a couple of checks in the mail for me too, so now I must get these people to resend them. I hate losers who are desperate enough to break into mailboxes.

Having called my banks and credit companies, it seems that putting my card on fraud alert is either costly or timely. It’s costly because with one account I must actually activate a service which requires a fee. I’d rather check my online statement very actively to watch for fraudulent charges than pay a fee that I could cover myself.

It’s timely because two of the customer numbers require you to call other service centers, some of which don’t operate at this hour. So inconvenient if something fraudulent happened without me knowing!

Whoever these bastards are, they’ve been reported to the police and USPS and if they try anything stupid on me, I’m gonna track their asses down and get them thrown in jail.