I used to want to fit in. I remember wanting that acceptance, eager to please the few who “mattered”. I didn’t lose morals or values over trying to fit in, but I did make some effort.

I eventually became more mainstream in high school and into college. I bought the same thing as everyone else; I consumed the same music, movies and tv as the rest of my peers. GAP, Old Navy, Taco Bell, Nike… You know how it goes. All the name brand items that we all own.

California really has changed me in many ways. I’ve not only started consuming less mainstream, I’ve started to thirst for niche. Those things that not many others have or see or do. I want that experience you’d never be able to get, or wear that shirt that was only made once. I’d rather try out the local hole in the wall than pick up the McCrack. Is there a cool little documentary playing in the theater? I’d much rather see that then the latest romantic comedy. Hilary who? Britney Who? I’d much rather (re)discover Elliot Smith or Arcade Fire or Tortoise.

Water cooler talk is mainstream. I want that opening my eyes experience more and more. I guess you don’t know what you’re missing until someone else tells you. I’d like to be that someone else.