The journey that brought me to the 40th year of my life is now behind me. Now I look ahead of me as I continue walking down paths, taking new roads, and finding my way into the future.

As I reflect on my last decade, I smile at all my success and failure. The difference in where this last decade started and where it ends couldn’t be more different, but in so many ways it’s exactly the same. I continue searching for my next path, I give thanks for the things I have, and feel happy for where I’ve been.

I was able to be so many versions of my self.
I was a traveler, visiting Europe, South America and all over the US.
I was a photographer, spending some of my travels buried inside of a camera or my laptop creating photos.
I was a web developer, working for myself and for others, learning and creating code and doing my part to help make the internet better.
I was an organizer, putting together a reunion for my classmates who were in the marching band with me.

I was able to create and participate in many ways. But I’m not done. As I move forward, I hope I can revisit some roles I put aside.

For now, I look forward to what I face. I expect the good to be better and the bad to worse. I know I’ll bring new people into my life and lose others. I will settle down with the love of my life and enjoy a new future of love and family. She has waited long enough! I will try new things, travel to new places and do my best to live life with a warm heart.

Mid-life has, is and will be the best years of my life.