As my last week in this house winds down, I pack, I relax, I worry, I eat. I hate waiting for the uncertain. This is the worst and most stressful part about moving; not knowing what lies ahead. A huge part of me will be ready to settle down here in Houston into a job and get into another groove. Another big part of me wants to move away out of Texas to continue my life.

I am considering applying to Academy of Art College for graduate school. I am extremely interested in the computer arts program they offer for a master’s degree. I am also considering Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute for a degree in Electronic Arts. Art Academy is #1 and RPI is #2. My biggest drawback would be getting enough money to attend either. I can’t afford to pay off more loans in my current situation.

I feel real sorry for all those people in the Northeast who lost electricity and had to either walk a few miles to go home or book a room in a Manhattan hotel. I spent four days in Denver this past spring without electricity. That was real hard the first night because it got really dark early and I wasn’t tired for many hours later. You really take what you have for granted and realize it when you lose it!! Luckily after the first night our neighbors invited us over to stay at their house for the remaining time because they had electricity. Having to eat anything in the pantry without cooking it, not being able to check your e-mail when you’re itching to, reading books by candlelight for hours on end, listening to the radio to hear what’s going on in Iraq after the war started; that’s just frustrating. It was just a bad time. On top of all of that, the next week I was off to LA. I basically had a two week break from school and spent half of it without any electricity!!

Man, how I am ready to figure out what’s next . . .