As a new fanatic to digital photography, I’d love to take a moment to give props to a very nice website that I like to browse every now and then. It’s called and it’s dedicated to photography. is a database of photographs from photographers all over the world. It features digital photography from the inexpensive cameras to some of the best cameras money can buy. It’s a great place to spend time browsing for really pretty pictures for your enjoyment. I reference to it every now and then to get some different perspectives that maybe I would never think about.

Someday I hope I can implement my own photo database on this website (along with a million other things) but I first need to dedicate some time to rearranging and designing my website. I’ll also try to get some of my fabulous Boston and NYC pics up on my website soon. Trust me, the Boston downtown night shot… it came out amazing!

I’ll be off to Texarkana for Christmas and be back on Saturday. I hope anyone reads this has a Merry Christmas or holiday. Whichever it is for you