I am at school right now. I wasn’t originally planning on being at school right now but I don’t have much of a choice either. Our power is out AGAIN.

This morning I woke up around 5am a few times during the hour. Somehow when the power goes out, I wake up. Probably because my computer suddenly shuts off and I hear my phone shut off with a few beeps. This power outage happened a few times between that hour. So I went to unplug my phone and so the beeping wouldn’t wake me up. Sometime after I fell back asleep, the power went down again and never came back on. I woke up this afternoon to no power. Flashback to spring break when we had our blizzard. Not only was it a repeat of the power shutting off but there was also about 3 inches or more of snow on the ground. And there still is but I think the has decided to show itself.

This is a horrible weekend for there to be no power. I have a paper, a notebook, a project, some tests to study for, and most of it requires that I use my computer. And I need to try to start packing as well to get out of here by Thursday.