Detergent packs are kinda wishy-washy (Dishwashers Explained)

I’m writing this post to clear off some of the dust from this site. I’m linking to a YouTube video that goes deeply into using dishwashers and how so many of us have forgotten how to actually use dishwashers well. In fact, we really should stop hand washing too often to conserve water and reduce our bills since dishwashers are so efficient AND effective with less use of everything.

Four steps to effective dishwashing:

  1. Turn on the facet water and let it get as hot as it can. The dishwasher needs this hot water from beginning to end.
  2. Fill the pre-wash cup with detergent. Using a tablet? Drop a tablet into the dishwasher’s bottom. I’m using plain Finish tablets for this
  3. Fill the main wash cup with detergent. This is usually the one with a door that you lock into place until mid way through the cycle. This is where the fancier tablets can be used, but Finish is also just fine
  4. Check your rinse aid level. Do you see any in there? Fill it up, it adds a pop to the cleaning!

And seriously, if you do all four of these steps, you should be seeing a better dishwashing result every time! The biggest benefit you can take away is the pre rinse with both hot water and soap. If you get this right, the rest of the cycles do their job great.

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