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remember when . . .

. . the Toadies were rockin’ the airwaves?? On the roadtrip, I went through most of Jonathan’s CDs which included a CD of Toadies (Rubberneck). It was probably one of the best CDs ever made. Almost every song on the CD made the charts and are very easy to listen to. I wonder what happened to them?

Did You Know > that the Toadies started in Ft. Worth, Texas?

If you have read past entries and seen them change soon thereafter, it’s because I’m fully aware that my grammar isn’t perfect. So, I reread them to make sure that it’s 80-90% correct. I wasn’t an English major, I made 3 D’s in high school in sophomore honors English therefore I will make more mistakes. Tough times if it annoys you, I’m doing my best.



  1. The Toadies broke up. I saw them 2 years ago on a reunion tour with a new bassist (female) and then less than a month later they had broken up again. Yeah, they rock though.

  2. Re: grammar. I own a large site on Yahoo and one of the posters is an author of several books. And her grammar is ATROCIOUS!!!!!!! laughing. So it doesn’t matter!!

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