Surprise! I am leaving today for the Northeast. I am on my way to visit a few schools to see about grad studies. I am also going to visit all my friends along the way and up there! So as for the questions:

When did you decide to go to the northeast?? Just a week and a half ago. I was driving up to Austin for Halloween weekend and called my friend Justin. He has all this free time so I pitched it to him and now we’re good to go!

Who’s Justin? Childhood friend. I’ve known him since I was probably 7.

Where are y’all going? Nashville, Cincinnati, Boston, Hartford, New York City, Annapolis, Washington D.C., and many other cities.

Can you afford to do this? Well, sorta. If I don’t do this, I won’t have a good idea of whether this is a good option for me. I need to figure this stuff out in person because it’s much easier when you’re talking to someone.

How long will the trip last? I’ll be back around Thanksgiving, hopefully a couple of days before.

Can I go with you? Nope, limited seating available. We might be taking a microwave with us.

Can I contact you while you’re on the road? Absolutely, I welcome any phone calls!