I’ve never really had a bad Tuesday, or at least recently I can’t say I have. But today was definitely a Monday disguised as Tuesday. I woke up earlier than usual to study for a midterm, but I ended up spending an extra hour getting gas, going to the post office and wrapping up a package to send out for an eBay auction winner. What a bummer because I could have knocked up my grade at least a letter grade.

My midterm was in Audio Production, and I had to define such terms as AC3, Haas Effect, and SMPTE time code. I think I did well enough to get at least a C, but it’s sorta a bummer that I didn’t get more answers. In fact, I went into the class assuming I’d fail badly because this professor is extremely difficult in the sense that he’s so technical. He knows exactly what he’s talking about when he teaches us; we have exactly no idea what he’s talking about when he teaches us. Is that a bad thing?

I then went to UCF and had so many sound problems once again: Feedback, losing a channel of audio meaning I had to convert stereo to mono (that’s a bad thing), running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

Check out dashboard confessional if you haven’t heard of them. Led by singer/guitarist Chris, they have a very unique sound (as all bands seem to do). Screaming Infidelities is the breakout hit. I shan’t give my opinions and leave that up to you. This is probably my first public music review, but I’ll have better reviews later. It’s late at night and I wanna end this day already!