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Author Micah Cambre

the drawn curtains

I’m about to enter a period of just over a week without any access to the Internet. Yikes! Thus, no activity here in Micah land.

Thought of the day:

While back in Houston, I work for a clinic with many different people. It’s nice to have this constant interaction with others and it usually helps keep my day more enjoyable. I get to walk around the building chatting with and poking fun with others while I’m doing my job and that helps the variation part of this job, which is great. I might not talk to everyone everyday, nor might I see everyone everyday, but I do always look forward to chatting with everyone when I get the chance.

The line of work that I have wanted to enter, specifically music editing, is one such that I wouldn’t get much human interaction most of my working day. I’ll be behind a console listening to music, editing music and film, and doing a lot of rather boring technical stuff (I’m more desiring it from a creative aspect). The other line of work that I’ve recently been doing, web design, requires much of the same. I’m sitting in front of a computer all day, designing and editing and coding. Again, a lot of boring technical stuff. If only I could figure out a way to combine both of these areas. Or think of something completely different that I would enjoy.


It’s been non-stop since I got off the plane. And I’m not complaining! Lots of work, lots of good food. It’s weird. I may have five whole weeks to do everything, but I already feel like I’m in way over my head! I know I’ll be able to see and do everything at least once, but even still, I feel like I need more time! But, this just means I’ll have plenty to look forward to when I take my next trip back.

Speaking of which, I made a phone call for the job that I interviewed for last week. Turns out there’s still a decent chance that I could land the job, obviously after a second interview and a few more questions. They are still interviewing, but the HR person told me to contact them when I get back if I’m still interesting, which I let her know that I am. I wonder what will happen in the next month?

On my first night of socialing with friends, I went to finally see the concert I’ve been dying to see since I found out about the band. Eisley has been around for a few years, but finally released their first full-length album this past February. Needless to say, I’m a big fan. I even bought their CD, and that says a LOT. Great show, a little shy on stage and in person, but it leaves plenty goodness to be desired. They are doing a solo concert series starting in June after 20 day break. I wish I could go to their future concerts but they will already have left LA when I get back! darn.

Friends in Houston and Texas, if you read this and haven’t heard from me yet and will be in the Houston area between now the middle of June, call me or e-mail me. I don’t wanna neglect seeing and spending time with anyone. My schedule is pretty full through the next week, but as anyone who really knows me knows, my plans could change in an instant. The more spontaneous you are, the more likely I will be to change my plans for you (does that border on really fun or sorta sad?… haha).

the photogenic side of Houston

Reading the Chronicle this afternoon led me to a really neat link. It is some random of photos of downtown and other parts of the city. Since I know a lot of my readers are from the Houston area, I figured this would be appropriate.

Houston Architecture

houston sports changes

This has been a huge year for Houston sports, in fact all sports in general. In case anyone does or doesn’t keep up with it, I’ll restate what has happened in the last 365+ days for Houston sports.

Houston has
-signed Jeff Van Gundy as Rockets coach
-Texans become the first NFL expansion team to win two consecutive regular season openers (2003)
-traded Billy Wagner away from Astros
-signed Andy Pettite formerly of the NY Yankees
-RB Domanick Davis (Texans) is named NFL Rookie of the Year
-hosted the Superbowl
-signed Roger Clemens to the Astros team
-traded for Carlos Beltran to the Astros team
-traded away Steve Francis, Cuttino Mobley from Rockets for Tracy McGrady and Juwan Howard
-hosted the baseball all-star game
-fired Jimy Williams and hired Phil Garner as Astros coach

Who would have thought half of this would occur if you were asked about it a year ago?!!

O Brother, where art Thou? In Houston . . .

I finally made it to Houston on Sunday after a long trip and some fun stops along the way. Currently my time will be spend moving our furniture and other items from house to house to house. But my priority is to mix the CD. I have a lot to do with that and finally have a Pro Tools rig to use for the next month. Thank God!

It’s a little stressful knowing that I won’t have a permanent place to live for a while. I don’t even know where I’m going to be living come September. I have a lot to do in mixing the CD, searching for a job, mixing the CD, moving my stuff to a few places, trying to work and support myself, mixing the CD, and um, oh, mixing the CD. Oh, and did I mention how much work I will need to put into mixing the CD? Yeah, it’s going to be rough at times but that’s how I am doing it.

It’s a tradeoff being down here and away from seeing spiders all the time. Last night, I caught a nice big juicy Texas sized roach in the shower. So I ran hot water to kill it. Well, this morning that sucker is high and dry and alive and kickin’. “You wanna stay alive? I don’t think so!”, I thought. So I went to get the Raid and I had the last laugh. Nasty old roaches betta watch their backs! And I’m petrified of wasps so I won’t hesitate to do the same.